Galveston Country Club

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The restaurant and bar are well kept and the decor is nice. The food is just subpar and the service is terrible. The waitress didn't know the menu had to ask for refills on water and tea. Food came out cold because I had to ask for my salad after waiting about 15 mins. So I suspect the food had to sit there for awhile.

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I'm not usually a country club person. They are generally stuffy, and full of rules.

Well, Galveston Country club doesn't really fit that mold. Generally, GCC is very small and intimate. It's a shorts and flip - flops kind of place with super friendly staff and a great view of The Bay. The food is always good, and the chef frequently walks around to greet the patrons. The sunsets here are amazing, and if you can ask for the back corner of terrace room.

They also have boat docks out by the extra parking lots, so people pull up in their boats and go in for meal. They renovated the interior post-ike, and it has a clean nautical look.

My only bone to pick is they don't have fountain soda. Other than that, this country club feels like home away from home.

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I have been coming to this place since I was a kid. Hell, I learned how to swim here, and also had my first gig as a lifeguard eons ago. My family and I continue to be members of the club and will continue to be, until we are gone from the island.

The chef and management has always stayed consistent, with service and quality as their top priorities.

The club is a nicely balanced mix of amenities:

Pro Shop
Club Rooms

The CC makes a good venue for weddings/Receptions, banquets, events, etc. They have packages they can work with you for whatever you might need.

Great place during the summer to hang poolside for some people watching and cocktails.

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Though I'm not a member of this country club, I came here for a meal with some colleagues.  The club itself was old and a bit run down, though some renovations are to be taking place soon.  There is a bit of a rustic feel to it, though I don't think that's what they're going for.  

The food is pretty good, but the service is what blows you away.  Yes, I know that you're supposed to expect good service at a country club, but trust me, it isn't always provided.  I was especially impressed that the waiter remembered my host's name and the name of her son--plus both of their previous orders.  Not bad for personal service.

I think the idea of having the pool be the main view outside of the dining facility could've been a good idea (i.e. so you can eat while your kids splash around all within eye sight), but it wasn't executed well.  It just looks a bit trashy.  

The decor could be revamped, although the stuffed fish on the wall was definitely impressive according to our decor expert (all at the ripe age of 10!).  

I'd go back, but it wouldn't be on the top of my list until they redecorate and make the place a bit more up to date.

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