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Terrible course. The conditions are awful, you are better off in the rough than the fairway, and the greens are in very poor condition. Only 9 holes. The one bright spot is that it seems management knows how bad it is, so the rates are very cheap. You can walk 18 (9 hole loop twice) for $10.

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I will preface this review by saying I am not really a golfer - truly, I am as much a neophyte to golf as one can be while still having played a round. SO

For those of you still reading, here is my review of Jake Gaither Golf Course, a municipal course in the southern part of Tallahassee.

1. The course is affordable
It wasn't very busy, even right around the holiday weekend during which I visited. I believe 18 holes of golf and cart rental ran $20 even. That's pretty reasonable in my book.

2. Relatively laid back environment.
This is a municipal course, which, for people like me, is probably best, since there is more time and less pressure for fast play (most of the time) and a overall casual feel to the environment. They will even allow you to play in jeans (I would never do this, and almost consider it a con, but I suppose it makes golf more accessible)

3. Challenging Course
At least for a true novice, plus, serene surroundings. This isn't like playing at a big course next to the highway where half of town is driving by while you putt.

4. Nicely Kept Greens
Disclaimer: They seemed nicely kept to me, but for playability some of my companions complained about the "fast" or "slow" nature of the greens on some holes, so either there is something to that or they were making excuses.

5. Diversity
I prefer to see a nice mix of people types when doing an activity. In this case, there were plenty of golfers of different races and sexes all playing the course, so just about anyone you might bring ought to feel comfortable as far as that. This is not Augusta (for that reason or anything other)


1. Not the best kept course
There were some definite rough spots on the course and at the tee boxes. I don't think most of the golfers respect this course like they might some others, and there are definitely spots where the grass is having a tough time establishing itself.

2. Locker Rooms
The "locker rooms" at this course are basically a glorified Walmart bathroom, just a little smaller and with a bench for tying your shoes. I didn't actually see any lockers, but that's not to say they don't exist.

3. Course Layout
Again, I'm not very knowledge, but some of the holes, particularly near the middle, like 7-11 (I can't quite remember) seemed to be playing too much into one another and you were practically crossing paths with the golfers going the other way.

4. No shooting range
This is a barebones kind of place. The nearby FSU course has a shooting range, and of course there are others around town, but, as a rookie who could use some range time, it would be nice if Gaither had one.

Bottom line: This place is great for players who aren't too serious, or who want to hone their skills at an affordable or casual course. I enjoyed my time at Jake Gaither - it actually helped show me that I am interested in learning more about golf - but given that the sport carries a certainly level of snobbiness (sorry, it does) there are bound to be a lot of golfers who do find this affordable city course "sub-par" (ha-ha...).

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