Fresh Meadow Country Club

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A golfers wet dream!!! I have the fortune of playing here once each year for the Lake Success PBA fund raiser. I look forward to this all year long. If you are a golfer then this review should moisten your panties.
First of all, before you even get to the club house, you are greeted by two regal brick columns that announce the entrance. There is a long winding road that bisects the course. You can see manicured lawns, perfectly trimmed topiary as well as a massive club house. Once on the course, you can really see the care they take of this magnificent layout.
The tee boxes are well groomed, with soft plush grass. The fairways are perfectly trimmed and are as soft as velvet. Even the rough (both cuts) are extraordinarily soft. The greens are immaculate and are lightning fast.
All in all this is in the top 5 best gold courses I have played/

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