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The wedding reception room is basic, yet modern and fresh.  There is a bar and a small balcony.  It's wall to wall carpet.  To add a hardwood floor dance space you pay an extra $250.  To get the elegant checkered dance floor, it's about $600 extra.  I found the rental site fee to be very affordable at $2,000 and they offer a variety of dinner pricing, starting at $38 for a buffet (not including dessert).  The onsite wedding coordinator Jon, is very personable and the rest of the staff is friendly, offering us lemonade and sodas during the tour.

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What more could you want...this is a perfect club!! Not pretentious or stuffy yet elegant enough to host a formal event. The pool is amazing and outside of golf, it offers anything you could ever want.
We just held our annual Christmas party there and the food was delicious, the staff so attentive...simply a great time!! (Thank you Roma)
Summers are the best time at the club, hang out by the pool, play a bit of tennis and round out the day with good friends and barbeque.
Did I miss anything?? Yes...Dino, worth having a cocktail just to see him!
So happy to be a member at Fremont Hills :)

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I got married here in July and could not have been happier with how our reception played out at Fremont Hills Country Club. I had spent a great deal of time earlier in the year looking for a place that was elegant but simple, preferably with a lot of natural light and beauty - this was the place! Once I visited, I was hooked.

I worked solely with the John Modiri, the Food and Beverage Director, and he was AWESOME. There's about a million and one details that goes into planning a wedding reception and he did his part at making the planning as painless as possible. He almost ALWAYS answered my emails within a day and would make sure that I felt at ease with what was going on. He invited my husband and I to the venue on more than one occasion to take a look and sample their food. In terms of helping me in the planning process, John and the facility itself was impeccable.

The day of our wedding was no different! John helped my friends and vendors who arrived to set-up and made sure throughout the reception that he was communicating with my MC to make sure things were running on-time and smoothly. The staff were super friendly and super professional with all of our guests AND there were only compliments for the food we ordered through Fremont Hills :)

Looking back now, I still have no regrets whatsoever with going with Fremont Hills Country Club as our wedding reception venue. We had SO much fun that night celebrating with lots of games and laughter, and Fremont Hills Country Club really helped to provide the environment to make it all possible.

ALSO, price-wise, super reasonable!! So brides, don't be scared of the fact that it's a country club! It's not cheap but it really isn't expensive compared to many other choices AND the food is EXCELLENT.

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First time here. Nice clean Olympic size pool outside, clean & green grounds. The banquet hall is pretty good size can fit up to 200 guests. We had a union conference here and the waiters were very attentive & refilled our water pitchers even if they were only half full.

The only downside is the bar is right in the corner & you can hear the running water from the faucet & the ice scooping. It's distracting!

Restrooms are clean but only has 3 individual stalls. If you have 200 guests on your party, you may have to stand in line.

Nice chivari chairs and very clean & well maintained facility.

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We were members of this beautiful club for 10 years and joined when the kids were young to participate in the swim team.  It's a family-friendly club, not stuffy or elitist.  We sold our membership earlier this year (2012) because the kids' interests had shifted to other activities, and I was not using the tennis courts as often as I had expected.

Over the years the dining quality has varied from mediocre to fairly good, but appears to be on the upswing in recent years.  Poolside food is standard burger and chips fare.

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