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I give this 4-stars because courses like this are what will save golf. If you want to boost your golfing ego play here. I shot a 3-over 69. It's difficult to avoid parring every hole. I had four bogeys and one birdie. I agree with the reviewer below: The course is on farm land, is charming, and beautiful. I walked and played 18 for $8. Folks are nice. My only real complaint is that the courses aren't well marked. I would definitely play this again.

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I have only been to Frederick Golf Club maybe twice but I will not be returning. Today I came to simply walk as my friends played since I am terrible at golf (I didn't even bring clubs). I waited outside the club house as my friends went to pay. As we went to the first hole a woman came out and asked if we were all three playing, I said I am not playing but she said that I still needed to pay. I went in and paid and then we went to the course. At the second hole another woman came up with a head cover and asked if it was ours. It was my friends and she said "aren't you glad that we aren't all dishonest" inferring we were dishonest for me wishing to walk with my friends. She then said "you should think about not coming back." Pretty terrible customer service considering we had never done anything wrong. I will never give them my business again and I hope you do the same.

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First, the disclosures:
- 18-20 handicapper
- I prefer cheap tracks w/ no dress code.
- I usually walk, and I'm a sucker for scenery.

I've played here about 100 times, and I can't believe they only charge $8 to walk as many holes as you want on a weekday.  It's $23 to play 18 with a cart on weekends.  So, why so cheap?
- It's pretty short.  A typical par 4 is about 300 yds, par 3 is 120, and the only par 5 is about 440.
- It's easy.  On nearly all par 4's, just hit your driver as hard as you can.  Left, right, or middle -- it's all good.
- The fairway and rough grass is basically as god made it.

It also has 'quirks' that are charming to me (I've played it a bunch), but would be maddening to a 1st timer:
- The distances on the scorecard are absolute fiction.  If you knock about 10% off each number, you probably got it.
- The scorecard is nearly worthless.  There's no course map, and none of the three 9-hole-courses are marked.
- The holes themselves have only "1 - par 4".  (No picture, nothing saying which 9 you're playing, no yardage)
- It's impossible to know how to get to the next hole without just guessing and checking.

Now, all that said, it's 5-stars because:
- The greens are reasonably well kept.  All the sins of a cheapo golf course are forgiven when the greens are fair.
- It's beautiful.  S. Maryland is very underrated for how beautiful it is, and this course shows the rolling countryside.
- Folks are friendly, and they stay open even when it's cold.
- You've got a legitimate shot at birdie -- or even eagle -- on every hole.
- You can play a super easy 9, and pretty easy 9, or a 9 that's like a normal course.

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Cheap is the key word here. I played nine with a cart for only 13 bucks. Since I really suck at golf this is a great deal for me. The course is kind of rough (the greens aren't well manacured),  there is no beer girl, and no starter. But what do you expect for 13 bucks.

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This course the only course that my busted 35 handicap ass can play.   Why?  Because it only costs $26 for 18 holes and a cart, you can't beat that deal.  The course itself it not spectacular, it has 2 sand traps, both are rock hard; only one real water hazard, and one tall grass swamp.  The greens are rock hard and sometimes you will have to putt around a bald spot.  There are two cups (that don't get moved), and you move the pin to the other cup for the next group; so you never know where the pin will be... very exciting.  
Over all, the course sucks but for the hackers with hand-me-down clubs that shoot 58 in the front 9, this is the cheapest and best place to be.  Most of the people playing there are in my league, losing balls left and right, hitting into the next fairway or two, and generally having a good time drinking beer chasing a little white ball around a field on a sunny day.
Oh, they are really sticklers and anti-coolers, if you bring beer you will need to put it into a small soft cooler or in a plastic bag with ice.  
See you on the course, i will be the guy chasing my ball into your tee box.  I apologize in advance.

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