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I've lived in the area for 12 years and get out to the place every summer.  This is a very nicely maintained course-ran by the FS Park District.  I usually take my family to the driving range-both of them but usually the mats (my kids are not very good).  100 balls for $ 10 is pretty decent.

The course is good, nice fairways but it is short -basically a pitch and putt style.

The clubhouse has a restaurant which is good just expensive, but hey, it is very well maintained too.  I am really glad this place is here - it's an Everymans course.

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Good place to drive a few or work on your short game.  Not too pricey but the course is a little tight.

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This is an OK golf course, nothing spectacular.  It is short and straight, no challenges to it.

If I have just a little bit of time to golf or am golfing with my wife and daughter, this is an OK place to play.  

Other courses have better vistas and you feel like you are out in nature.  Here, you do get to see what people have in their back yards in Frankfort Square.

Not bad for a park district course and a good course for learning the game.

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I played my first ever round here nearly two years ago with clubs I rented from the clubhouse. The course was so well-kept and fun that I went and bought some clubs on my way home, and I haven't been the same since.

I have played this course upwards of 20 times, and I very rarely have an unenjoyable experience. Being a short par 3 course may keep some of the more serious golfers away, but this course is not one to miss. From the bonus Hole 1A all the way through the 9th green, there are enough opportunities to relax and have a fun round of golf without the price of the other courses in the area.

The tees are kept in decent condition, and the greens are cut short. The park district keeps the fairways well-cut, and the rough is managable.

Overall, this course is why I started golfing, and it is worth it if you want a quick round in a casual environment without the price.

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I am a beginner golfer and this is one of 5 golf courses I've golfed at.  This is my favorite by far!  It's part of the Frankfort Square Park District.  

Driving range - they have both options of either the grass or the mats - and it's the same price for either.  

They also have a little 18-hole putting green!  I've never seen that...that's a fun place to practice a little putting too.

It also has a chipping and sand bunker practice area, apparently.  Check out the website - it's very informative.…

It's a Par 30 course.  It's very nicely manicured and very very pretty.  It has lots of little ponds and I swear every pond has jumping fish or birds circling and diving into the water to catch some food.  Amazing.  

I love it.  This is my favorite!!!
P.S.  This is also the location of my very first par ever!  Hopefully it won't be my last!  Hehe  :)

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