Foxchase Golf Club

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Played this course today and found the greens, fairways and tee boxes in great shape. However the rough was full of dyeing crabgrass that should have been prevented back in the spring. I would play here again.

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Great course, well kept, and nice facilities. The greens played super fast which didn't help my score.

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one of the nicest layouts and extremely well-maintained courses in the area. sparsely tree-lined areas. relatively short course. recommend playing the blues for the par 4's and par 5's for those used to the whites, otherwise, you'll be using only pitching wedges and sand wedges on approach shots. played from the blues, which is only 6,000 yards, and rarely used clubs lower than a 7 iron from the fairway. the greens are undulating and extremely fast greens, which present a daunting task, although they hold approach shots very well. First time I can recall that I didn't 3 putt during the entire round, however I fortunately was fairly accurate with approach shots. The rough was really high, over 4 inches, so that also penalized wayward tee shots. staff was friendly and forthright about course conditions and time. this course receives a lot of play during the season in prime time, consequently 4.5 plus hours results. highly recommend playing this, as I consider this one of the premier courses around.

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First, that picture in the corner....that hole is not at Foxchase. That said; when I first pulled up to Foxchase I impressed with the number of high end cars; well manicured greens; and nice Country Club building. Walked into the Pro Shop and was blown away by the huge selection. Went to warm up on Driving range and was amazed at the many obstacles there where to take aim at.

Hitting the links at this course I was surprised by how short the grass was cut on the fairways. It was literally centimeters difference between the fairways and the greens. The sceneary was breath-taking.

However; the rough was incredibly horrible. One guy in our group lost two sleeves of balls. There where Bunkers everywhere (I know I landed in five of them.) And the Greens; jimmy christmas the Greens where terrifyingly fast. You tap the ball just slightly and it goes flying 40 yards. The Greens where killing everyones game and by the 13th hole everyone was frustrated and disgusted. Three of the guys in my group are two putt Guys; not this day. 3, 4, 5, even 7 putts to get in the hole. It was impossible to control the ball. For a course that commands $55 they really need to get these greens under control and think about putting some cuts into the rough so you don't have to go in with a machette to find your ball.

The whole time I was playing this course I had to laugh because it was the exact kind of course Robin Williams was talking about when he was discussing Golf.

This will be place I come to use their Driving range; but I am going to be a little gun shy about coming here unless I have another coupon like I did this time around. I would never pay full price to play here.

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Locals are a bit anal about pace of play. Our foursome finished an 18 hole round in a little over 4 hours and 15 minutes and we had a group behind us phone the clubhouse for slow play and a marshal tell us we were holes behind the group in front of us. The group in front of us was a threesome and had already left the first green before we hit our tee shots so naturally they would be ahead of us. I dont believe in slow play but I dont believe in sprint golf either. I am out to play a leisurely round and dont appreciate being rushed and I dont think 4 hours and 15 minutes is that bad for a 4 some for 18 holes. The marshal was nice about it when we did pick up the pace but the local anal group behind us put a damper on the round in my eyes.

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