Fox Hollow Golf Club

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I like the layout overall.  The nice thing about going out away from the city is the courses are more open, fewer houses, a more natural setting at a decent price.  The bar is small but the menu is pretty big and they have a full bar.

The two things that my playing partner had us scratching our heads was the location of the hole markers (the concrete things that tell you the distance from each box and show a layout of the hole).  Usually not intuitive.  Also, the layout/yardage was a bit confusing, it looks like they may have redone the course as some greens looked like you should be hitting to them, but then your green is over there.  Also, the yardage was not always correct, and even our GPS was confused.

That said, the fairways were in good shape, the layout interesting, and the greens fast!  Made for a nice round.  Also, there is a beer cart.

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I recently planned an event here, and it was fine. The venue looked good--it was clean and the tables were nicely set, plus the employees were very nice to our guests. However, organizing the event was a little messy. There were a couple of us doing the planning and we were told different things about pricing. (I spoke with them on the phone and over email because I'm not local, but others planning the party were local so they went in person).  

The biggest issue I had was that they work exclusively with Russell's on the Lake for catering and if you go with a different caterer, they'll charge you $3/person fee. I worked for Russell when I was in high school and let's just say that if he has anything to do with the company anymore, I don't want to give him my money! We ended up just having Fox Hollow provide snacks (cheese/meat trays, raw veggies, crackers, fruit, coffee) and it was a whopping $600 for fewer than 100 people. Ouch. The bar was overpriced as we of course expected, but the beer was reasonably priced.

I was pleased that they didn't kick us out immediately when the scheduled time was up. The room rental was very reasonable because our event was on a Sunday instead of Saturday, and it seems to be the nicest place for an event in St. Michael, which is why we chose the that venue. So if you have to organize a party in St. Michael and the Corner isn't nice enough, Fox Hollow is worth a look.

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