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I brought my oldest son in for eighteen holes of soccer golf.  His high school team met here as it's the closest club that has it available.  He really seems to be enjoying it and the coarse is really nice.

I decided to let my younger children use the driving range.  They were nice enough to loan is some child size clubs and measured both of the boys up for size.  They have small and large buckets of balls that you can buy.  10 for the large.

I went back into the club house and had a Bloody Mary.  It is DELICIOUS!!  The wait staff is very knowledgable and courteous.  

This is a great way to spend a summer day with the family.

Golf carts are available for $10 per person and they have golf camps and lessons for both kids and adults

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I was underwhelmed by their Sunday brunch.

The food was just okay...nothing really stood out. They did have a great selection of melons, which is really nice in the middle of January.

Also, I wanted smoked salmon, but it was always out and they didn't bother to refill it. That was disappointing.

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Brunch review

Beautiful! - Hands down the best brunch in town.  Beats even the Gandy Dancer.  $18.95 per adult, $25 carafe of Mimosas.

We showed up for first seating without reservations. This appears to be a popular place for large family gatherings so getting a two-top seemed pretty easy, especially so early.  The food was fresh hot and the selection was amazing.  Lamb, chicken, fresh real scrambled eggs, and a dessert bar that didn't come from Sam's club or Costco.

Everything was awesome: apple strudel french toast, apple crisp, crispy mini Belgian waffles with hot blueberry or strawberries for topping, selection of Michigan salads,  but the lamb shanks topped the list. Even the coffee was good and I am a tea drinker.

They had a selection of gluten free items, standard omelette and carving stations too.  The dining room offers a beautiful view of the grounds and flowers.  I would suggest asking for a table at a window if less than 4 people.  Did I mention the beautiful view?  

Waitstaff was VERY attentive.

Recommendations -

1.  Get reservations.  We might have just been lucky.

2. Get up and go to first seating at 10:30am. Best and freshest selection

3. Carafe of mimosas is worth it.  $5.95 per glass. We got 8 glasses out of a carafe.

4. Dress nice if you don't want to feel out of place.

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I made a special reservation for my family to celebrate my Daughter's First Communion at the Sunday Brunch. This was a regular Sunday Brunch.

I've been to Fox Hills for a number of events, from All day Work meetings and dinners to the Annual Plymouth Canton EEF Wine Tasting. The work sessions were all day and had an amazing breakfast, so the brunch was sure to be pretty nice.

Now, I've heard wonderful things about their Sunday Brunch. I trusted what I read and experienced, and arranged our group to meet there after mass. The Church was a good half hour's drive from Fox HIlls, so I was hoping this place would be worth a drive.

It. Was. Amazing. When we arrived, my daughter's name was on the marquee indicating which building we were to go to. (She was thrilled) the staff greeted her by name and wished her the best on her special day no less than four times, and escorted us to a beautiful table overlooking the golf course. Just stunning. When we all assembled our server took us through the process and got us hooked up with drinks.

The Buffet was huge. Any breakfast, lunch, or sweet fancy you crave was there. Warm and delicious. Everyone raved. Broccoli salad? YOU MUST TRY IT. (It has cranberries, which I am told is not good for those on blood thinners, FYI)

I wanted to take my family to breakfast for my daughters special day, but wanted it to be extremely memorable. The Sunday Brunch at Fox Hills was EXACTLY what was in order. Well worth the price. We'll be back.

The planning team and service was exceptional.

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Over the years I've been out here a number of times for the Sunday Brunch. I have had the regular brunch and the special holiday (Easter, Christmas, whatever) brunch, which is usually substantially more expensive. I just went for a regular brunch on Chinese New Year. It was promoted as combining Chinese New Year and Mardi Gras and it was the normal price, $18.95. How could I lose?

It was a wonderful brunch, as usual. My wife and I enjoyed the food and enjoyed the company. There was a large family group celebrating a 70th wedding anniversary! My wife wound up talking to the husband (92) and the wife (85). So you see getting married young can work out. (A LARGE family group)

The food didn't disappoint. I always have the broccoli salad and it was excellent. I tried two of the three Chinese dishes and they were OK. The jambalaya was good as were the alligator meat ball thingies. Sorry for the technical terms.

I usually have an omelet, but I passed this time because I was so full. We both finished off with an excellent cheesecake. In sum, an excellent brunch.

I have had the Sunday brunch at the Whitney and at the Gandy Dancer. They are good also. I prefer this one. The price is reasonable and there is so much food you can't even begin to sample it all.

Even in the winter, the view of the golf course is nice. We had a table fairly close to the food, so we had a fun time people watching.

We don't come more than once or twice a year because we want to keep it special. Besides, we always eat too much!

One caveat: I don't go to the more expensive holiday brunches anymore. They only gild the lily. The normal brunch has way more food than I can handle.

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