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Maybe it's bad timing due to a "shooting tournament" or just understaffed, but their website states they have fly fishing available for guests. There has been nobody available for my whole stay of 6 lonely days here to get me going with some gear, no instruction needed. No deep sea fishing info available from front desk staff. Harsh dress codes when the place is nearly empty has prevented my family from eating in their dining room, with no blue jeans.

Staff is friendly on the other hand and the grounds are beautiful, shooting is world class, but these things fore mentioned have put a serious damper on my  family vacation.

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Fox Harb'r is an amazing place. Is about as 5 star as 5 star can get. Most of the guests are very very rich people but its still relatively accessible for the rest of us.

We decided to stop by for lunch at The Willard and a round of 5-stand shooting (my wife's first time holding a weapon).

For lunch I had the fish tacos (arriba!) and garden salad (blueberries and homemade dressing ooh-la-la) while my wife had the lamb burger (holy fat patty Batman!) and home cut fries (salty goodness). The food was excellent but $7 per bottle of Keith's was a but much (no beer on tap either... What's up with that?).

After lunch we strolled the grounds for an hour or so to digest. It's such a beautiful place.

We showed up for our appointed shooting time and were met by Stephen (I didn't get his formal title but it was probably something like "rootin tootin awesome gun guy") who was great. He set us up with shooting vests, guns (a 12 gauge for me and a 20 gauge for my wife) before taking us out to the stands.

Stephen provided my wife with a good safety review and excellent coaching and she did quite well. Overall the setup and location makes Fox Harb'r a shooter's paradise. We'll be back for sure.

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