Four Bridges Country Club

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The country club feels like an exclusive place but yet the food and setting is worth visiting even if you're not a golfer.  The food is a variety of nicely prepared appetizers, surprisingly good tasting entrees, and quite fancy desserts.  The course is a nice setting to have dinner at or be watching.

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Pinkies up!

I attended a wedding rehearsal dinner at the country club on a gorgeous summer evening in the Cupp & Trad Room. The dining room was set for dinner with blue napkins that complimented the wedding theme and the custom cake. (Four Bridges has 62 colors of napkins to choose from. Can you believe it!?!)

Guests were first escorted to the adjoining patio, which gave a stunning view of the sunset over the lake and golf course. Our servers, Kim and Mesa, did a wonderful job bringing around hors d'ourvres and hosting the wine bar. There were also plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available by the pitcher too. I thought Mesa's blue flower tucked in her hair was the perfect touch, as it matched the wedding colors.

The wedding party rehearsed in the plush green grass while other relatives enjoyed their drinks. Afterwards, we were seated for dinner. A third server was brought in who must have been new. She only served half of the bride's table wine. We were also queued fifth to serve ourselves at the buffet. The bride and groom's table traditionally goes first. Not a big deal, but a noticeable oversight.

The food here... oh my! Our buffet consisted of the bride's favorite food: carbs. Bow Tie pesto pasta, Chicken Penne pasta in marinara, Fettucinne alfredo, breadsticks, and salad with the best ranch dressing ever. For dessert, Four Bridges served up mini portions of eclairs, tiramisu, and chocolate chip cannolis. All were divine, but the cannolis had me going back for seconds. We also had our own cake for the groom, which Kim kindly cut and served to our guests.

I was impressed by the waitstaff, as they were both professional and personable. I expecting things to be rather stuffy here, being a country club, but the servers were just ordinary folks like us.

With delicious food and a view, Four Bridges was the perfect place to host a wedding rehearsal.

Tip: No jeans are allowed. Ladies, be sure to wear a sundress.

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Mostly I have only been here for Golf and Parties.  While the clubhouse is nice, it is starting to look a little worn.  the drinks on the other hand are cheap!  The golf course is lovely but i understand the fee to be member is still kind of stiff.

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