Fountains Country Club

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A welcoming place offering lots of sports, fitness, dining and social activities: 3 beautiful golf courses, a state-of-the art fitness center offering classes of all disciplines, a tennis program with teams, clinics and professional instruction, plus social activities make the days and evenings fly by.  The dining facilities offer lots of tempting choices, while incorporating healthy options as well.  The staff in all areas is well trained,  friendly and helpful, offering suggestions to make the experience here even more enjoyable.

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Three incredible golf courses.  Great food.the greens are the best I have ever played.  Fairways are plush.

The best tennis program.  The teaching tennis Pro, David Jasmin is terrific and is booked solid.

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Beautiful, well manicured golf courses and an excellent staff. My parents bought a condo here and spend 8-10 weeks a year here now so when they aren't here I avail myself to a few of the amenities.

The golf is wonderful. Lush environment with friendly starters and staff - it makes for a fun and challenging day on the links. A bad day on the golf course beats a good day in the office every time!

There is a beautiful clubhouse on the grounds and it's well equipped, well appointed with very attentive service.

My one knock on this place hasn't nothing to do with the property itself, it's the other members. Some members seem to b!#ch and moan about everything to the point that I believe they just can't be satisfied. I've observed condescending conversations and verbally beating down waiters who are trying the hardest to accommodate their every whim.

A note to members everywhere: Paying your dues does not create a class system that entitles you to treat people this way. Every person has worth and deserves to be treated decently. If you want to be miserable,stay home!

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