Fort Snelling Golf Course & Polo Grounds

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I give the course 4 stars for being a place to practice.   The greens are pretty nice, the fairways are short
and over all the place is challenging.

I bought a years membership because this is the kinda place where you can go out as a single, whenever you want and be able to practice as much as you want.

Soo far soo good..  We will see how the summer heat effects this place.

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This is a fun executive 9 golf course that anyone can enjoy.  Being able to hit long drives, its fun to cut corners here and drive the green on par 4's.  

The deteriorating Fort Snelling is literally across the street from the course and back in the day we used to drive some golf balls into the century old clock tower (which they are currently restoring).  

Fort Snelling golf course is also adjacent to the Minneapolis St-Paul airport and shortly after 9/11 you would see blacked out towncars patrolling the street premise surrounding the course.  Even to this day it would not be difficult to ram your car full stream into the bordering fence and find yourself on the main plane runways.  Or, you can hide out in one of the fort barracks with your surface to air missile...well I guess I am getting off topic now, but in a nut shell it is pretty entertaining watching the planes take off and land so close to the course.  

As of 2013 they have introduced Frisbee golf to the course, and its pretty unfortunate that the tee boxes for the Frisbee golf are the same as the regular golf. They have set up tee times to work with each other, but it limits the amount of regular golf you can do and the Frisbee golfers get in the way.  

Very affordable at $17 for a round and its always easy to get on, I have never been turned away before, so we typically come here on a weekend when we don't have reservations.

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