Fort Belvoir Golf Club

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I don't play golf - never have beyond hitting some balls on the driving range. So why am I reviewing the Fort Belvoir Golf Club? I have been to this facility several times and as military facilities go, this one is really quite nice. My husband and I enjoy coming out when the weather is warm to hit balls on the driving range.

The golf club lounge is welcoming and comfortable. The outdoor seating looks over the driving range with only the range and trees in sight. It's quite relaxing to sit there enjoying a cool cocktail and warm breeze while watching golfers perfect their swing.

My husband enjoys playing this course. His organization has sponsored several charity tournaments here and I had the pleasure of volunteering (to drive the golf cart full of beer - what fun!) for one of the events. The course probably is not maintained as well as others off post - after all this is a military facility dealing with the usual government cutbacks, but for the price this would be hard to beat.

I have eaten here a few times, once at a BBQ buffet after my husband's event and several times outdoors by the driving range. The food has actually been pretty good. The BBQ buffet was kept hot and fresh with more than enough to go around for the crowd. In the lounge we have tried the wings and fries. I am picky about my fries (no soggy fries for me) and this place gets them right. Service has always been great - there are some really friendly, helpful people working at this facility.

The golf shop looks to be well stocked. I can't speak to prices, but I would bet they are at least a little lower than what you would pay off the installation.

I almost forgot to mention - there is a pool table and dartboard outside the lounge as well. For you celebrity seekers, I have heard the President has played this course. If you can get on Fort Belvoir and enjoy golf or are just looking for a nice place to take a siesta, give Fort Belvoir Golf Club a try!

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Great place to play, hit range balls, eat a meal or have an event! Super and helpful staff.

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Played here last Sunday and man, what a track!  Only got to play the Woodlawn Course, but it's fun and pretty playable for a lot of people.  Range is a little short and very downhill, and the practice green is a very narrow long strip of grass.  The clubhouse, however, is pretty nice.  Food is solid and everyone seems very friendly.  If you're here on a hot day, make sure to make use of the free water and ice machine near the snack bar (to the right of the clubhouse if you're looking at the front door).  

Now for the course.  It's great.  A variety of different looks on each tee box.  It's definitely a place you'll have to play a bunch to really know how to play each hole.  Luckily I had a couple of regulars helping me out.  Although it looks tight off the tee, usually this course opens up near the fairways.  The only exception I can remember is #10.  

The greens and fairways can be a little beat up here too.  Some were watered and some weren't, which makes it tough to score here.  I did hear that they have about half the staff necessary for maintenance.  But for the price you're really not going to beat it.  

Last thing I'll say is that you can't just enter from anywhere for the base if you're a guest.  Use the Tulley Gate entrance.  I went to three different entrances before getting to the right one.  Don't make that mistake.

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Great military course!  Challenging layout with lots of up and down.  The driving range is fun too because it commands a great view of the surrounding course.  ...also, the 19th hole has a surprising good beer selection.

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This was a great 36 hole track last summer. But its falling into some disrepair. The Fairways are dead, the greens have seen better days, and there's quite a bit of ground repair. But its only $30 for a Gov'ment guy to get a walking 18 in on a Sunday morning.

I think that in the near future it may crawl back to a four star rating. The white sand bunkers are nice, but you get any water at all and its like hitting a ball off of concrete.

The track is great though. Memorable holes. Two distinctly different 18 hole runs that have their own teeth. Gunston is easily the tougher course, but I prefer Woodlawn. Its just a fun course to play. Woodlawns Number 9 is a beast, and worth trying from the back tees, just for fun.

You want a cheap outing? Can you get on the post? Ft. Belvior's links may be good enough for you.

I saw Obama there a few months back.

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