Fore Lakes Golf Course

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Called to ask what time they were open till at 6:40 pm and the guy told me "quarter to seven" and hung up on me. I used to love to practice here but I will be taking my business other places now.

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Nobody knows the definition of "pace of play" on this course. One of the worst courses I've been to. If you want to hit 3 balls off the tee, drink 10 beers, play in a group of 6, and play 9 holes in just under 4 hours then this is the golf course for you. I wanted to ask for a free round of golf but I know even that wouldn't convince me to come back. Golfers steer clear.

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Pro's: $11 to walk, $17 to ride. Decent greens and fairways. Has a par 3 course ($8.50) as well as a small course.

Con's: the regular course is very small. One par 5, two par 4's and the rest are par 3's. obviously why it's cheaper so you get what you pay for.

Good course to get in and play quick round.  I'd probably play it again.

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I stopped in here with that anxiety you have when you haven't played in a while. I was in SLC to visit my son and his girlfriend and decided to play 9 holes of golf.  I haven't played in 10 years.  My son has played a couple of times over each of the past few years and his girlfriend had never played before.

There are two 9 hole courses, an exec that plays around 2200 yards from the blue tees and a  3 par that is around 1300.  With our rustiness and "first time ever" in mind, we decided on the 3 par with golf carts.  The course is laid out well, one fairway with water that forces you to stay to the left.   Lengths are in the range of your shorter irons, greens reasonably flat.  Hardly any sand traps (yet I found one).  Groups moved well, which is usually a problem on shorter courses.  

Was a perfect course for beginners and those that needed to get back in the game with an eye on the exec course next time.  BTW. I needed left hand clubs and my son's girlfriend a set of right handlers. They were supplied by the clubhouse.

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Its been years since I've played a game of golf or even held a club. In fact last time I was at golf course was during my undergrad years which was last decade, shows hold this old man is. During my brief visit of Utah, I was brought here during a cold day as snow flurries trickled down. Who in their right mind would go out in the cold to play a game of golf...this guy. We were probably their only customers that morning. The prices here are reasonable, we bought a bucket of balls for the range.

One key thing I forgot about myself is that I need left handed clubs. I went inside and asked to rent some clubs. Luckily there was a set available with no charge. We went out to the 9 hole course. The first couple of swings were misses, finally I found my groove. The course itself was intricate, very good layout especially for those that are rusty. Friendly people, none of the aloof crowd found like those members only clubs.

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