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Mike R and his team deliver an excellent clean facility and a well organized and customer orientated series of leagues for youth sports.

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Coach Kayla for the little kickers class on summer Thursdays is amazing with these kids! They get an hour of exercises and running around as well as team building. The building is clean and well managed by Kerry. They offer many sports and I love that it's indoors for summer to avoid heat exhaustion. The parents can watch from inside the field or the outer bleachers. They have two concession stands with plenty of drinks and a game area with tables and chairs. I have friends who brought their now grown children and said they loved it here and we have been very happy.

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This place is pretty good for a par 3 course, and a great place to focus on your swing and not distance. For the last few years I have been going here early in the season as a warm up for regular courses. It is perfect for that. A few times I have been the only one on the course, which made it so much more enjoyable because I could take as much time as I needed. The course is usually maintained surprisingly well, except for one time where there was geese poop everywhere on the last few holes. Good par 3 overall but loses a star for the turf tee boxes (good luck trying to use tees).

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I'm strictly reviewing the indoor driving range.

This place is 10 minutes from work, so I have been going their once every two weeks to hit a bucket of balls to keep my swing timing from rotting over the winter.  The hitting mats are set up at one end of their indoor soccer fields and you hit into a net about 50 yards out.  This is just about far enough to determine if you hit the bell well or not.

The ceiling is not very high, so hitting anything above a 6 iron will hit the net protecting the ceiling at sooner than 50 yards.  There is no restriction to what club you can hit is.

For $10 you get a bucket of 70 balls which is a bit high for an outdoor range, but I guess you pay a premium to hit inside.  Still cheaper than going to City Golf and hitting into a simulator thought.  I bought a 10 bucket groupon for 1/2 price, so $5/bucket is an awesome price.

I hope to try the small, lit course when the weather is nicer.  Sounds like a good place to work on the short game in real situations.

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Great place for night time golf or in the winter they keep the course open as long as it's over a certain temperature.

The holes are tight so there are bound to be a lot of stray shots flying around, but it's worth a trip if you're looking for a quick round on a short course to practice your iron shots.

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