Fontenelle Hills Golf Course

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The hubby and I went here today.  This was my second time playing.  My first time was at Papio Greens where everything is flat, straight and definitely not challenging.  The second we arrived I knew I was in for a challenge.  When we walked into the proshop we were greeted by a delightful labrador who was super sweet and let me scratch her belly. :-) Right now they are running  fall special, $1/hole with a cart so it only cost us $18 to play 9 holes which was great! Off the first tee I lost 3 balls to the house directly to the right of the tee box. Why, well I have a tendency to pull my head and not follow through.  Hey! I'm working on it!  I really did enjoy playing on a course that had hills and brush and sand traps.  It helped me learn a few new tricks.  I'll definitely be back to play this course.  I'll aim to lose less balls next time I'm there though! :-)

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