Fieldstone Golf Club of Auburn Hills

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First the complaints:  My main beef with Fieldstone, and probably 80% of the courses in Michigan, are that they water the course far too much.  This leads to soggy fairways and soft greens.  Soft greens means much more damage to the course than would otherwise occur.

That said, the course is great.  It used to be the Monday qualifier for the Buick Open, and is as difficult of a golf course as you'll find in the area.  Play the correct tees, please!  

Fieldstone is a great mix of difficult, medium, and easy holes.  The course starts out with a very difficult par 4, which requires two solid shots.  Then it eases up for a few holes (in length, anyway), before you approach the back to back par 5s.  

The only real design issue I have with the course is the par 5 6th hole.  Any shot more than about 230 yards will catch the slope and will probably go into the creek going through the fairway.  If you lay up, then it's another target shot to another landing area.... I don't mind this, but this hole ALWAYS has a backup on it.   I would LOVE to see them fill in the first creek allowing players to hit the drive as far as they can (which I think is essential on a well designed par 5).

After #6 comes another difficult par 5, followed by a very difficult and long par 3 8th hole.  You get a bit of a break with the par 4 9th.

Fieldstone then redesigned some of the back 9, building some water collection areas.  #10 was affected by this redesign, and it's a tough drive on this par 5.  The landing area is wider than it looks, but you still need to hit a good tee ball.

The rest of the course is much like the front, with some very difficult holes.  You really need to play the course a couple of times to learn where you can hit it, especially on the redesigned 14th.

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My favorite course in all of metro Detroit. I would give 5 stars if it wasn't for the price. The regular rate can be pretty steep, but I always check online for deals. This course offers a great challenge and is fun to play.

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Nice course. Very long but in beautiful shape even with all the rain. Pricey on holidays $60 but it was worth it. To bad I suck as a golfer, but price per shot I'm getting a bargain. LOL

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This is a beautiful and challenging course, very well manicured,and all around enjoyable.Great food and cold beer.

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Pretty much a muni track, sometimes very crowded

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