Field’s Fairways Golf Course

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Field's golf course is a small 9-hole course that is great for a beginner golfer. In a sport overrun with money and snobbery, this is an unpretentious place where you could take your child to learn the sport without being overrun by fat old dudes. The course is off the beaten path, so expect a country drive. It will be the cheapest course you ever play.

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Oh my lord, this place is on the  map?

This "golf course" is home made, maybe even built by one person, but we all got dreams right? For the sake of the discussion, the best way to put it is:

If you have ever been on a real golf course, you will laugh when you see this, and your sides will hurt on every T box.

Ok, fondest memory here:

1. Drove the green on the longest hole here with a  4 wood.
2. Used the wood once, thats the 4 -wood above.
3. Lots of dirt, puff of it every time someone hits a ball. Cover your eyes.
4. No distinction between course and fields. It's like the sand lot, really.
5. Decide on how much air you will need on the greens to clear the craters to get close to the hole.

I can see someone out here in the woods working on their field of dreams trying to get on tour. but this is the most hilarious golf course ever, and i enjoyed it. After all you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere playing a round of golf with buddies for $8.

Now I know the value of $8.

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