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Fiddler's Green Golf Shop is amazing.  Not only do they have an amazing selection at serious rock-bottom prices, but the staff is attentive and knowledgeable without being pushy.  They really know their equipment.  Shipping is fantastic also. I ordered a full set of irons online with 3 day select shipping and the clubs were in my house in under 24 hours!  I was stunned at the fantastic level of service this place provided.  And they beat everyone else's prices (by miles) to boot.  Thank you Fiddler's!  If all businesses were run like this life would be far more pleasant.

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The golf course at Fiddler's Green is nothing special, though their driving range is a nice place to practice. What really draws in their customers is the enormous one-stop-shop attached to the course. Golf clothing, shoes, accessories, clubs, etc. Easily the best selection in Eugene for golf clothing, as well as a good place to find athletic clothing in general. Style-wise do keep in mind that this is geared towards an older crowd.

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Although the selection is good and the staff courteous be aware that if you special order anything make sure they check on the shipping time. I had a game scheduled with my son and asked about the shipping time to ensure the clubs would arrive in plenty of  time. I was assured that this would not be a problem. When I called to find out if they were still on schedule for delivery I was told they would not be delivered in time for the game. I spoke with the manager and explained my dilemma, and he called and had the order expedited to where I was in California. I have purchased all of my clubs through Fiddlers and will continue to do so. Great place to do business.

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We drive from SF Bay Area to Portland about once a year.  We usually break the trip up by staying and playing a round of golf in the Medford area and continue onto Portland with an intermediate stop at Fiddler's Green, Eugene.  Why?

Because it is a huge place with exceptional inventory and a very knowledgeable and professional staff with outstanding customer service.  My wife loves the huge assortment of ladies golf clothing and accessories.  For me, this is one of the biggest selection of clubs, bags, rangefinders, shoes and all the other little things that make up a superb golf shop.

And, they have an integrated, covered, driving range where you can try out any club of your choice.  They, gladly, tape up the face and hand you a mini-bucket of balls and you can take your time to experiment with it.  The staff is very helpful in club selection and proper fit and will not try to oversell you.

But let me tell you why I love this place.  I asked about the new Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS Rangefinder, $499.95 list price.  Nick Sherman took their demo unit out of the display case and I was able to "play with it" out on the driving range.  I was impressed by its ease of locking onto the flag and the clearity of the optics.  The GPS part worked just like their standard Neo GPS that I am familiar with.  Their price was $469.  I bought it.

We came home a week later and a letter arrived in the mail.  It was from Fiddler's Green.  Nick had discovered a $100 rebate several days after we left the shop.  HE HAD THE PRESENCE OF MIND AND THE CONSIDERATION to send me the rebate form and a duplicate copy of my transaction receipt!  All I had to do was fill out the form and clip out the UPC code from the box and send it in to Bushnell.  NICK SAVE ME $100!

They keep a Warranty File with customer names/address for clubs, instruments and other items with warranties.  He took the time and effort to look me up do that for me!

Now that's what I call superior customer service and the ultimate in pursuing customer satisfaction.  I really commend Fiddler's Green for creating the kind of environment that fosters this kind of service to the public!

Fiddler's Green has superb inventory, outstanding customer service and low prices.  How can you beat that combination??

Thank you Nick!  Thank you Fiddler's Green!



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By far one of the most product per square inch golf pro shop I think I have ever been in. However with that comes a huge selection, and for someone like me over 6'5" you also have clothes to find as well.

The executive course is great, and can be done in an hour as long as it's not too busy. Driving range is adequate although on the smaller side. Other than the occasional plane (located in the Eugene Airport flight path) it fits the bill.

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