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Very well maintained practice facility to warm up all aspects of the game before the round.  We played on a Saturday afternoon and the round took 3:05.  The conditions from tee to green were excellent and the cart girl was ubiquitous.  She actually stopped at the driving range to see if I needed anything.  Large selection of craft beers and the service in the bar was great.  Great experience and look forward to returning.

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I was here two weekends in a row.

First: My bf's mom's graduation for her Masters. We did a private event in their wine cellar that was spectacular. We have a cocktail hour upstairs and then headed downstairs for a three course meal. We had the asparagus soup with smoked salmon which was divine. My guy had the filet (a bit overcooked for his liking, but some others looked textbook medium rare, and, serving 30 people is no easy feat!) and I had the scallops (amazingly done) and for dessert we had the cheesecake and the chocolate trio (I think they were made exclusively for the event) - both were delicious but we were so stuffed that not much was finished for that course.

Second: My bf's dad's birthday. This time we sat in the main room after a cocktail on the patio. I ordered the buffalo, my guy and his dad had the Strips, and the lady ordered the scallops (again)... because they were "just so gosh darn good!".

Also - the golf is great (I hear) - my guy and his dad go there to get a few holes in on those sneaky Summer Half Days they do...

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Could not have been a more accommodating location for a wedding.  The facility is very impressive and professional - the staff compliments every aspect of this exclusive Country Club.
The bar is especially unique and offers a very customized selection of fine spirits and wine.  The wine list is Italian heavy, but otherwise offers a very diverse selection - should have some more Pinot Noir.  I can't say enough good things about the bartender (Steve) - this establishment hired a true professional with working experience!  Just ask about Whistle Pig.
The wedding was held outside on the patio and provided a wonderful view overlooking the golf course.  The cocktail hour accompanied a variety of high quality foods and substantial bar placements to ensure any and all guests were served in a timely manner.  There was plenty of staff on hand that hand catered many different appetizers - guests could also choose from oysters, shrimp, cheeses, fruit, pizza, meat from a carving station and more.  The reception was held in a large ballroom that comfortably hosted a 5 piece band, large dance floor and over a dozen 10 top tables.
The staff and service was arguably some of the best I have ever experienced - the attention to detail, patience, timing and respect for the occasion made this wedding very special.  For example, no matter how many times a napkin was used or unfolded at the "Cabernet Sauvignon" table, each time I returned, the napkin was replaced or re-rolled.  As someone with plenty of food service experience, I am proud to say the staff at Fiddler's Elbow went above and beyond service that I could even give to customers!
This place has a lot of character and history.  It was a very unique experience and I would highly recommend Fiddler's Elbow for any occasion you wish to make memorable!

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Had my wedding reception  in the ballroom a few days after Christmas...totally magical.  Everyone had a great time!  The best thing was that, at this time of year, we had the place really to ourselves. Food: excellent, guests are still raving about it.  Event planner Annette: amazing.  what is remarkable is that despite the grand old-world feel of the place (which I personally love,) in attitude, they are flexible, non-stuffy, and personable. We brought some of our own decor to create a winter woodland theme, they helped us make the most of it by bostering the theme with similar items they had in their decor closet.  So many good photo opportunities - we got some great shots both indoors and out.  We had lots of children, hey helped us make a children's room out of the library so bored children could come watch videos on a big screen. (Sure helped near the end of a long day!)  Our only sad moment in the day was leaving!  Highly, hightly recommended.

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I have known Fiddler's for probably more than forty years starting back in the corporate days of a family run business. A few years back we left as corporate members and now are back with a social personal membership.

The club hosts truly wonderful social events and though some of the quality has gone up and down over the years it certainly seems to be at a high point now and possibly growing as well. We know of at least two other friends that have abandoned their memberships at other clubs to join Fiddler's and the club did an AMAZING job during the displacement of many of its members during the effects of hurricane Sandy. It offered beyond reasonably priced breakfast, lunch, and dinner during this time period as well as free Wi-Fi and showers to those without power -- all in a come as you are dress code. It was a huge help for its community that was deeply appreciated.

Not being a golfer I cannot comment on its courses but I do hear that a pool is coming back (possibly with other things too) which could bring an interesting new atmosphere to an already great place.

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