Fairway Village

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I played this course twice within the past three days and found it to be in extremely good condition and fun to play. I didn't have the negative experience reported by the reviewers here. The course was busy but not crazy. We let a single play through a we probably would have on any other course and when we had players behind us, we spent less time looking for the occasional errant ball....as on any other course. I didn't notice any "negative vibes" from others but perhaps it is because I'm a "seasoned citizen" and look the part. Nice course, plan to play it again.

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Having read the previous reviews, I probably should have known better but I thought I would give it a try anyway.  It is true that the locals are quite uppity and the course marshal thinks he is Matt Dillon ("Gunsmoke", for you youngsters).  There is definitely a "hurry up" rule in place here, and God forbid you should actually relax and enjoy the game.  Beginners and kids are surely not welcome, and there is barely tolerance for the non-resident golfers.  All this fuss over a mediocre course at best.  Yes, the price is reasonable, but the return on investment is not good. You would probably have more fun staying at home and running your money through the paper shredder.   Unless your are a scratch golfer in a hurry, willing to play a below average course - you should avoid this one.  It will make the residents a little less grumpy.

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Based on one of the earlier reviews, I was afraid to play here. Afraid of the residents and other players but I did not experience any negativity from anyone. We made sure to keep the pace moving quickly however.

A friend and I played here on a Wednesday at about noon and I was very pleased with the quality and condition of the course. It it well worth the $16 they charge and I plan to come back.

The bad: they partnered our duo with a stranger who was MUCH more advanced than we were. He was more than twice my age and put me to shame. It wasn't made clear to me that this could happen and in the future I will request we do not be paired with any strangers.

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If you play golf, do not make the mistake of moving here. This is a "Stepford" community if I've ever seen one!  Their CC&R committee goes around the village
noting every minute discrepancy they can find. They will even enter your property
whether you're home or not. It is really "controlled" environment that is not conducive to
a stress free retirement!

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I'll start by saying that I have never had a worse golf experience in my entire life  than playing here.

My problem with the course came from the awful people who live around the course and play here. The first group behind us had complained that we were playing too slow, so my group picked up our pace and were moving quickly and a bit rushed. About four holes later, a staff member came and asked us to let the group behind play through, having heard another complaint. Reluctantly, we accepted to keep the peace. This caused stress for my group, but we understood.

On the next hole, a man came out of his house to berate us for my entire group for one of my friends not having clubs. He kept asking where my friend's clubs were, even after us stating that the course had allowed us to play! Irrational! Ruined our round by that point.

But then, it got worse!

A man in the group behind us was complaining! Screaming at the top of his lungs "HIT THE DAMN BALL". Annoyed, we picked up pace to just finish the round. On the next hole, 100 yards out, he decides to tee off!!!! What is wrong with this person!? He could of injured one of us. Completely Reckless!

The course is great, well manicured, and fantastic for actual golf, but the people who live around the course and play there are incredibly awful.

Unless you are a homeowner around the course, DO NOT PLAY HERE!

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