Fairbanks Ranch Country Club

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Went here for a party a few weeks ago and had a really nice time.   The food was excellent, the grounds, well its a country club so someone is spending a fortune keeping this place nice and green.  The staff was friendly and accommodating and not at all what I would have expected from a CC.  I would definitely consider returning or hosting an event here.

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Three nines make this an easy course to play 27 holes in a day if you like.  I love that the course is set up in a setting without homes lining any holes. Latest nine The Ocean Course can be a bit windy and cold at times.  Find a member to invite you as it is a private country club In Rancho Santa Fe.

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Commenting only on the golf course, Fairbanks Ranch is a fine course by public standards but pales in comparison to many of the neighboring private courses.  The course has a lot of water which comes into play on many of the holes.  Overhead pictures show the course to be very green and lush, and yes, it has many palm trees, but I've found that after rains, this course has major drainage issues.  The hole designs are pedestrian, which is a shame with all of the water.  On the bright side, the caddies are always helpful, friendly and knowledgeable of the course.  

It's not a bad course per se.  It is certainly better than Lomas Santa Fe and about equal to Morgan Run (similar drainage issues), but I believe is surpassed by the Bridges, the Crosby and Santaluz.

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Sun, turf, and crystalline waters conspire to fashion the oasis of twenty-seven holes of golf and several thousand square feet of relaxed elegance that is Fairbanks Ranch Country Club.  The friendly and accommodating staff has a knack for anticipating your needs, and the club's atmosphere maintains a sense of exclusivity and refinement that avoids dabbling in overly-stuffy opulence.  It pretty much feels like how a San Diego country club should feel like.

Friends have invited us here for years, and a relation's recent acquisition of a membership has upped my visits exponentially.  However, as far as meals go, weekend lunches with friends remain my favorite occasion.  The Grille's window-filled dining room and bar, with its vista of the emerald links beyond, offers an idyllic escape from the cares of the outside world.  The lunch menu, with its dual panels providing traditional and contemporary takes on American and Cal-Mexican cuisine, offers a little bit of everything - and pretty much everything is worth a try.  I enjoy their tacos, although the burger or pulled pork sandwich can pull me away with relative ease.  Dinner is similarly satisfying and a number of special menus are offered on certain nights (including burger night, which is probably my personal favorite).  The service is similarly competent and professional.

All-in-all, Fairbanks delivers on pampering its members and guests without being overbearing. It is all too easy to fall under its spell and find yourself lost in its pastoral magic.

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We recently had our wedding here and could not have asked for a better venue, staff, menu, chef.
Everything went perfect and the two choices of food were to die for. The staff was excellent, courteous and professional. Special thanks to Kathy, Megan and Dustin.

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