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I'm not much of a golfer, but I have a friend who golfs. We did, instead of the big executive course, we did the Pitch and Putt course! 18 holes of Par 3 on each. I will be honest, I suck at golf, unless its Mini Golf, then I'm decent at it. All in all, 18 holes of good quality and short golf. And you're right there at Roots if you need to grab a bite or something on a Tuesday.

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This would be the perfect course for a beginner if the price wasn't so high. Paying $25.75 for 18 very easy holes that are not on great shape is way much. I can pay less than that at other local courses & get a more well groomed and beautiful experience. Oh and they don't take credit cards either. I won't be going back unless I am desperate. I don't like being ripped off.

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Evergreen golf course is the perfect size for the not-so-great-golfer, the lazy golfer, or the golfer who likes to fool himself into thinking that he's had a healthy workout. Me? I'm all three and I love the place.

Allow me to explain.

Evergreen is a par-66 "Executive" course measuring out at just 4,569 yards (the average course is about 6,000 yards).

Are you a hooker or a slicer? Fear not, because in lieu of rough there's just more fairway. The entire course is mowed daily, so, wherever a ball lands, it's in play.

Did your drive cozy up under an oak? No problem. Most of the trees have been pruned from the ground up for at least eight feet.

Did your ball land in one of the greenside sand traps, Bunky? Don't sweat it. They're so flat and hard packed, most balls can easily be putted out.

Afraid of getting your ball wet? Don't worry. There's only one water hazard. It's the size of an above ground pool, and about 75 yards away from the 9th tee. If you put your ball in the water at Evergreen, it's time to seriously think about switching to shuffleboard.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays it costs only $10 to play the course if you walk it. And unless you're just the laziest schmuck on Earth, there's no reason not to walk Evergreen. It's built atop one of the flattest parcels of land in the mid-Atlantic. Christ, I've seen greater elevation changes on a pool table.

All that said, Evergreen is just a hoot to play, and there are plenty of opportunities to break out the big cannon, including par-four holes measuring 276, 292, 393, 271, 282 and 305 yards; plus a honking 500-yard par-five.

I've played at a lot of courses over the years, but both the lowlight and highlight of my game have occurred here at Evergreen. My worst round of golf ever was shot here. It was a 102 (that's 36 over par).

I've never had a hole-in-one, but last year during a tournament at Evergreen, I did drive the ball 306 yards and followed up with a four-foot putt to score an eagle on the 17th hole, a 305-yard par four. The next day, my accomplishment was documented in the sports section of the Lancaster Journal.

They misspelled my name.

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