Evergreen Golf Course

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In fairness, this place isn't going to be a PGA stop and that isn't what they tailor to.  It really is a good track to go out and learn, or play a twosome without getting paired up when you just want to hack around.  And you really can't beat the price.

But it is pretty rough for upkeep and there seems to be no volume control standard, so if you time it wrong the backups are just silly.  Like many small 9-holes, the fairways are narrow and right on top of each other, so when you combine that with a novice clientele, some fairways look like they are covered in range balls.  Listen closely for "Fore" or wear a helmet.

Honestly, this course is exactly what they try to be and you have to respect that.  A great value for fun, low stress golf, particularly when you pick the right day/time.

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I'm still learning and this is great place to do just that.

Honestly, if you would describe yourself as a golfer don't go here.  This place is ghetto.  Then why four stars?  Price, baby, price.

It is $14 to play 9 holes.  You can hack your way around the course and it is no big deal. You can take your time (because everyone else here is learning as well).  Landscaping is a figment of your imagination.

And oh yeah, cash only.

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