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Why the one star review? Because Evergreen CC is gone.

It was not a beautiful golf facility by any means.  But it was cheap, fun, and relatively easy to get on (go ahead and make your own joke here).

It had hills and old, old trees (I'd often called it the "Poor Man's Beverly CC" because it backed up to Beverly and shared the uneven terrain).  It had train tracks running right through the middle of it. One hole had an impossibly high hill to hit over.  And there was a dog that lived on the course.

The course had character - though not nearly as much as it's former owner.  Anna May "Babe" Ahern is profiled in this Tribune column:


After years of pressure, the colorful centenarian gave in, selling her golf course and home to the village of Evergreen Park just a month before she died.

I can't say I blame EP for deciding to turn a golf course into a strip mall - the village certainly needs the revenue.  But it's still a sad occasion.  Another piece of history gets plowed over, another interesting community fixture, soon to be forgotten.  

Well, Evergreen CC, we had some fun.  I'll see you in my memories, along with Kiddieland, Marshall Field's, Stan's Drive In, and a dozen other places of my past.

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OK - truthfully, three stars is a GENEROUS rating for this course, but I'm an old-school guy and this place is one of the few places left that remind me of the public courses that I used to go to when I learned the game in high school.

I used to golf here in the early 80's with some Chicago cops who lived toward the south side - this was my first exposure to the course. At that time there was an old lady that lived on the property in a beat up old camp-like home. Apparently she is the owner and last time I went, she was STILL THERE! When you drive in. you'll see a few hand-painted signs telling you want you can't do. It's kind of a riot.

Golf here is exceptionally inexpensive, though the condition of the course sometimes reflects the low green fees prices. Best to go early in the season when the ground is still a little moist and the golfers haven't hacked the place up too badly.

Last time I was there, the odor in the clubhouse was kind of disgusting.

The coolest thing though is that this is an OLD course with some wonderfully huge trees and a couple of holes where they can pose a challenge. A golf course management company could probably come in here and make some vast changes to the course that might improve the quality of golf and would certainly raise the prices. But I'd kind of like to see the place stay just as it is - hope I'm not dreaming!

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Man was it a nice sunny day on Saturday!! It was or probably be the last nice day of the year so what did the Big brown man of  Legend do you may ask. He Rounded up his compadre and got ripped at the golf course! Yeah I did!
Since my dawg was already @ the golf course I had to meet up down there.
Yeah I know...................if youre a Transplant   and or a hipster  musician/ starvin artist from as far away as ohio and use no deoderant, well then you probably had no clue that 91st  existed!!!
the course isnt the greatest
But the price is cheap, even with the cart!
Drinks are cheap (even though we brought our own :)
It was not crowded!
the Clubhouse is totally retro.....They havent changed a thing since maybe the 50's!

SHake & bake seal of approval!

Hipster infestation level: ZERO I did see a hipster on his bike as far as roosevelt but after that its hipster free!

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This course is Pretty tough. they do need to learn how to keep it up better though.

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No comment.

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