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Recently playing for the first time since they made the much needed changes to the course, we felt the course set up was fantastic.  It is an experience unlike any other - therefore, comparisons to other courses as to the length of the walk etc..., are frivolous.  This is one of a kind.  Golf Director Rich Tock, Golf Pro Jim Lombardo and their team have put together an amazing experience and are worthy of the 2017 US Open assignment.
Top shelf experience.
Due to a 5 hour weather delay that created travel conflicts for 6 of the 8 golfers in my group, only 2 of us got to play the entire 18 holes.  Those that only played the front 9 and then left for the airport missed out on a terrific back nine setup.
We will try to get the group back together for another shot at Erin Hills and hope that Mother Nature is more accommodating next time.
Thanks Rich and Jim.

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This will seem strange--a 4 **** review on a place I'll never go back to. But I want to be fair: it's a first class facility that checks all the boxes of their objectives--championship caliber, walking-only course that will test the abilities of all golfers. Spectacular yet minimalist facilities. Cordial, well-trained staff. Pro caddy staff to enhance the walking experience.  Immaculate conditioning throughout. Check, check, check, check, check.

What it isn't is very much fun. On a weekday morning, it was a 5.5 hour deathmarch that seemed to be constantly uphill. I compared it to playing Chambers Bay (another tough walk/future Open venue)--but at least there the golf is a absolute funhouse compared to the Erin Hills battle royal.  

Even playing the appropriate tees, there were just too many times that a ball just slightly mis-hit trickled through the 2nd cut and was gone forever. Every single hole had extended ball searching sessions. Greens were an absolute beast to hold and putt.

So I checked off this box off my list, but I just can't imagine ever wanted to make the trip back to Erin Hills at these prices, for this golf course. Pretty sure I'm not alone in that opinion.

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I've now played Erin Hills 14 times (6 this year) and I love this golf course (although I wasn't a big fan before the changes were made).  From start to finish they do things right out there.  The drive in to the bag drop area is beautiful and gives you a taste of what's to come.  The guys at the bag drop are always friendly and informative.  After parking they often have a cart to drive you up to the clubhouse.  The clubhouse staff are friendly and professional.  The range here is awesome with one fescue range and one bent grass range along with a large short game practice area.  
As for the course - it's a tough walk if you're not in good shape.  That being said, I've had clients carrying several extra pounds make the hike.  Earlier this summer I even had a client make it around who had a hip replacement 2 years ago.  
The layout is terrific at EH event though I'm not a fan of starting with a par 5 and ending the front 9 with a par 3.  The course doesn't play as long as the yardage on the card, as a lot of the length is in the par 5's.   While it can be visually intimidating at times (tee shots on 3 and 4!) its a fair golf course with very generous landing areas.  The rough is tough, but I've played my last 4 rounds out there and only lost 1 ball.  While you may be able to find your ball in the rough it's not always an easy shot (which is totally fair in my view).  The tee shot on 18 is a great photo opp with Holy Hill in the distance and a challenging hole right in front of you.  Please note that if you're playing the white or red tees that you will have to go back to one of the other tee boxes to get the view of HH.
Overall - I love the experience and the price is right compared to other world class golf courses (whistling straits is almost double the cost).  My clients love coming here and have truly enjoyed it regardless of what they shot.  This year I've played Bethpage Black, Olympia Fields and TPC Harding Park - Erin Hills is a better experience than all of those great courses.

One comment for the previous review from Pete-  the course got very positive reviews from the players at the US Am so I'm not sure what you base your "the pro's will hate it" comment on?  
Be sure to play the appropriate tees to maximize your enjoyment - 7200 yds is WAY too much course for most people.

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Very expensive, long and penal but not overly difficult.  Heather lines EVERY fairway on the right and left side......a bit ridiculous. Rounds are 5+ hours on average because you spend all day walking and looking for your ball in the rough.  Most will play once and never return......not worth the expensive price tag.  We played at 7,200+ yards and there was another 7,200 yards worth of walking from green to tee.  The 18th green finishes about 1/4 mile walk away from the clubhouse......go figure?  The pros will hate this track for the US Open.  My caddie said it is the most difficult walking course in the US and I would agree with him.  As you can imagine......they don't advertise that fact.  Bring change of clothes.....nice shower and bath facilities.  Also, nice pub and food.

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(I had the pleasure of coming here on a work retreat - it was an amazing experience only enhanced by the friendliness of the entire staff - from caddy, to bartender, to the pros at the golf shop.)

This is a beautiful golf course with rolling hills and 8.5 miles worth of walking. Be warned, no push carts or golf carts are allowed on the course - you have to walk the entire way. The greens are large and fast. The overall course is challenging.

So, come for the golf, but stay for the luxurious accommodations in one of their cottages and do not miss out on the food. The cottage had 4 separate bedrooms and bathrooms sharing a common sitting area. Plenty of privacy for when you want it, but easy to socialize as well. It is beyond spotlessly clean and everything is elegant with a hint of rustic reminding you that you are close to nature.

I arrived in the early afternoon and grabbed a quick bowl of soup (cream of chicken) before hitting the links, though I spied someone chowing down on a bratwurst and I knew then that I had made the wrong lunch decision. But alas, with an 8.5 mile journey ahead of me, I needed something a little lighter, and the soup was just fine. The highlight of food actually came at dinner time where I indulged in a huge rib-eye, cooked perfectly medium rare with a bed of arugula and fresh mushrooms sitting aloft the huge marbled piece of meat.

After gorging myself on this rib-eye, the group ventured outside to the fire pits where we were able to keep the party going thanks to the amazing bartender who was coming in and out all night long to take our drink orders and deliver our beverages so we could stay warm by the fire.

It will be interesting to see how this place grows for the 2017 US Open.

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