Eldorado Country Club

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I attended a wedding here and I was impressed by how smoothly everything ran. The room where the wedding was held was nicely put together and the chairs for the guests were plush and comfortable (much different from many weddings!). They had an archway for the couple to stand in front of and the side and back doors made entrances for the wedding party smooth and easy.

After the ceremony everyone waited outside of the ceremony and reception halls for a cocktail hour. This was also really nice as there were chairs and even a roaring fireplace, and plenty of room to mingle and talk comfortably.

The reception hall was much larger than I thought and with the dance floor and all of the tables it made for a beautiful scene. They had these large decorations hanging above the dance floor which were very pretty, and when I asked about them I was told that the club actually put those up on their own! The food was served buffet style with a carving station for the meats. The food was about what you would expect from a wedding - average.

A good side note is that they have a children's room for club hours that has a full changing station with a sink if you're attending with a baby! This was very handy for me!

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Great club.  Love the women's tennis program.   My husband enjoys golf at the club.  The club manager, Jayson, has done a great job with the food service.  It has really stepped up since he has been there.

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Hard golf course, busy and just average

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