Elbow Springs Golf Club

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Course is OK, and a good walking course. Layout has some variety and is generally good condition. Staff is pleasant and helpful. Count on a slow round as the course seems reluctant to offend even the slowest of players. 5 hours is not uncommon.   Don't bother using the range as the balls are so old and tired they are worthless.  River Spirit is only 5 minutes down the road.

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Terrible front 9....thanks to me.

Yes, I am not a professional golfer. BUT I have played this course twice.

There are 3 nines to play and I have played them all. Once in the summer and once in October.

The place is maintained well, no real rushy rushy marshalls and a beautiful easy spot to get to for those from Calgary or Bragg Creek.

Greens are in good condition, interesting tee shots on a few holes.

Fees are standard.

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This review is just for the restaurant in the club house.

A solid 4-stars for the food. 2.5 stars for the service.

I had the tenderloin salad and I was quite impressed. The salad was loaded with nuts and cheese and the tenderloin was cooked perfectly. The salad had so much "stuff" in it that you could hardly even tell that there were any greens under it all. I also loved the dressing.

The service was meh. There wasn't anything they did wrong, but for a higher end golf course I would have expected things to be a little more polished. I felt like I was at a Swiss Chalet for the level of service I received.

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This 27 Hole, easy to walk, close to Calgary, course has 5 Star potential but not there yet..... They can't make up their mind who they should cater to mainly because it's a so called semi-private course. All that means is they have equity members paying annual dues and are also wide open to the green fee paying public and they host as many company tournaments as they can. 4 hour rounds can happen just as easily as 5 hour rounds. Tee times can be easily had or impossible to get. Beverage carts seem to follow you around or are never seen for the entire round on a 25 degree plus day. The course itself is usually in pretty good shape although this year there were a number of greens on the Elbow 9 that were toast. Then after the flood the entire Elbow 9 was shut down and is being rebuilt. So that just leaves 18 holes to squeeze tournaments, members and green fee players into that previously filled all 27 holes. The staff at Elbow Springs are overall pretty good and there's one or two marshals that keep things moving when they can. Like I said Elbow Springs has potential to be a 5 Star course but with the divided loyalties between members, green fee players and company tournaments it may never get better than 3 stars.......

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