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The 4th of July is a special day to begin with, but after attending El Cab as a guest at the 4th of July event.. I now have a whole new level of appreciation.  The thought and detail that they put into planning the special event was amazing.  The food was amazing, the location was decorated beautifully and the firework show was nothing short of spectacular.  The staff was extremely helpful and pleasant to speak with, they were very accommodating when it came to the needs of my handicap Father.  

Thank you for helping my family and I create memories that will no doubt last a lifetime.

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If there is a Hell, and if Satan exists, then certainly both the staff and especially the members of the EL CABALLERO COUNTRY CLUB are members of that most ancient institution as well as this horrendous one.  

I attended a fourth of July celebration. As I walked into the parking lot, several cars almost ran me over and the beeping was incessant.  Honestly, I have never ran into a more abnoxious and toxic group of people in my life. "Oh boy..", I thought.  "I shouldn't have come."

The food was good, the ambience was lovely, and I was an invited guest: but no, I was not a member.  I was scoffed at and yelled at by an old Jewish man and women who did not want me sitting near their table.  As I couldn't find my friend right away, I had to wander about the blistering heat with nowhere to go until I did. I will not tire you with the examples of other rudenesses, but suffice it to say the rudeness of other incidents was fairly consistent.  

When I approached the barbeque to get some food, towards the end of the evening, the Filet Mignon server was quite rude, and started serving the staff before the fireworks went off.  Before I knew it, all of it was gone, and when I asked why he was giving it away to the staff, he rudely told me "you already ate" (which I hadn't: I had only sampled the salad bar, as I was still full from lunch earlier that day).

I honestly cannot fault the staff, though.  Were it my cross to bear to cater to the demonically demanding upper- crust members of this haughty place, perhaps a bit of their harshness would have rubbed off on me.  It very much reminded me of the movie "Devil's Advocate", where the evils and horrors of the upper crust were thinly veiled by a false veneer only base materialism purchased by corporate corruption would attempt to conceal.  

At one time the upper classes were trained in manners and refinement; people like Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy were the product of fine society like this, where kindness was synonymous with breeding and good blood.  There was no kindness to be found here, but rather the harsh brunt of exclusion only those with new money and fear of losing it  would possess.  I will never come to this place again, as long as I live... and I vow it.

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Great Sunday brunch!  Lots to choose from...

-Omelets made to order (plenty of toppings)
-Fresh made waffles and french toast (3 syrup choices)
-Whipped cream cheese and lox
-Tons of fruits, raw veggies, and salad items
-Bacon & sausage
-Potatoes & broiled veggies
-Plenty of other good stuff "tong-ed" onto your plate by a chef
-Desserts - plenty of 'em

-I'm sure there are other things I forgot

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I had the pleasure of attending one of my best friends wedding here 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed the wedding here.

The ballroom was very classy, staff here were really friendly and helpful whenever we asked for something, but my only complaint is that there was golf carts driving around here while the ceremony was taking place.
They weren't driving around in the distance, they got really close to the ceremony as people were playing golf! I would think the country club at least shuts down that area of the golf course for the wedding!

Outside of that issue the venue was great. Very clean, although needs a touch of modern facelift if you ask me.

I don't know if the used in-house catering for the wedding, but if they did - this CC has some damn good food!

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The sea food here was not impressive.

The rest of my party said the meat dishes were great

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