Edgewood Valley Country Club

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awesome.... a must play for a serious golfer.  18 good holes here...great greens but tough.

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I've been coming here my whole life. The course is one of the best in the whole state and all the facilities are top notch!

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Even though I have been exposed to the "Country Club life" through most of my life, I still find that I am not much of a Country Club girl.

Several of my friends are members to various clubs as they want to ensure that their kids are only be introduced to "appropriate friends", but where's the fun in that? The beauty of life, in my opinion, is the difference in people, the diversity that different backgrounds and cultures bring. Country Clubs are all about exclusivity.

Or maybe if I was an avid golfer or tennis player, the benefits of "belonging" to a private club would be more apparent to me. But I'm not. I only play at corporate things because so much business is conducted out on those manicured greens.

That being said- if I was going to join a country club, Edgewood Valley is certainly a beautiful one and conveniently located to both the city and the suburbs. Celebrating it's 100th year (it moved to it's current location in 1926) the clubhouse and surrounding golf course are beautiful and reflect a heritage of service and community.

As with any private club- there are different levels of membership. For example, if a social membership is all that you want (access to pool, tennis courts, restaurants and fitness facility) you can join for an annual fee of $500 plus monthly dues of $358. In addition, you need to spend an additional $225 a month at the club during high season and $75 a month for Jan- March. Certainly in line with other clubs of this caliber.

But if it's golf that you are after, that puts you in an entirely different league. For $70,000, billed in 3 installments over 4 years,to join, you are a full member with all privileges. This is a non equity club and if you do not keep your membership current, your forfeit your money. At this level- your monthly dues are around $424 and you have to spend $450 per month during the high season and $150 during the off season. Reasonable, I guess, if you like to golf and do a lot of business or personal entertaining, but a bit off putting for the "average Joe".

The amenities are many. A championship 18 hole golf course, putting green, driving range, 4 clay tennis courts, and an outdoor pool open from Memorial Day to Labor Day which is a great place to connect with other members. There is also a full service restaurant that is open every day except for Monday.

The meeting rooms have recently been redone and are lovely. And of course, the level of service that you get is impeccable.

I am probably never going to be one of the "Country Club" set. Thankfully, I have plenty of friends who are into that sort of thing. So I guess I'll just keep living vicariously through them. Tennis anyone?

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Getting there...late, stuck in outbound Stevenson traffic, forgot phone at home, friend's building has no door buzzer but blowing the horn worked amazingly, under-dressed = emergency wardrobe shopping and a long and very slow (and long), and also long line at the checkout waiting for a price check from Steve, then Carlee, then Steve again.  Winner!!!  I've arrived America.

Being there...we went for a friend of mine's annual corporate holiday cocktail party being held in the clubhouse.  Easily the largest most well proportioned mixed drinks I've ever seen at any bar (free or cash) at a catered event.  Great looking spread too with little noshes and vegetables as well as some hot foods.  I didn't know shrimp could grow to baseball size.  Only the lucky ones, but who's lucky now I ask?  

Comfortable setting, layout, and ambient lighting.  I even got to slip in a few well received "work jokes."  Pretty good for a someone who just learned how 'Bcc' works in an e-mail.

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