Eastmoreland Golf Course

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Course was in great shape, it rained a little that day. greens where in good shape. The value was good and I can't wait to play there again.

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Every time I am in Portland on business I try to get out and play a round of golf at Eastmoreland. It is located less than 25 minutes from the airport, and only 10 minutes from downtown. You can get to Eastmoreland on public transportation, but it adds significantly to your travel time. Trust me.

The course itself is fun - short, but fun. The fairways are wide, but lined with low-limbed trees. While the holes are not long, they do require strategy & execution. Three of the par 5's have significant doglegs, and one of them plays over a ravine.

The front nine is mostly flat, and only two holes have any elevation change to speak of. The par 3 5th is a thrilling 175 yard shot with a 60 foot drop in elevation from tee to green.

The back nine wends its way around a creek and lake, and water comes into play on six of the nine holes. The two par 3's on the back nine play completely over water, and the par 3 17th is the longest 167 yards you'll likely stare down.

The course has a lot of creativity in its layout, and makes the most of the land it occupies. The pro shop staff are friendly, the food in the clubhouse passable in a pinch. Greens fees are cheap, by SF standards: $24 for a weekend round. They have three levels of clubs for rent: hacker, moderate, and boo-ya. Boo-ya = Mizuno M70's with graphite shafts and run an additional $30 fee.

I've always been able to walk on as a single at Eastmoreland, and have never had to wait more than 15 minutes for a tee time. Pace of play is speedy, the slowest round I've ever played was a completely self-inflicted 4.5 hours.

Last time I played Eastmoreland was on a Friday afternoon: I walked on and played alone in under 3.5 hours. It is a beautiful walk filled with fun golf.

Course design/playability: 4 stars
Walk-Ability: 5 stars
Condition/maintenance: 3 stars
Driving range/practice area: 3 stars
Pace of play: 5 stars
Avg. wait for tee time: 4 stars
Pro shop staff: 4 stars

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This COULD be my favorite golf course in Portland; it is challenging, pretty, and super close to where I live. The front nine holes are pretty basic they have wide open fairways and few hazards. The back nine I have found to be very challenging  since there is a lot of water hazards which also makes the back nine very beautiful (I forget I am in a city when I play here). Even though this is one of my favorite courses to play I could not give Eastmoreland 5 stars due to the large amounts of goose crap which is everywhere on the back nine holes; it is terrible! The goose crap gets on your shoes, clubs, pants, and messes with your puts! I don't know what they can do about this problem, but I wish they could get rid of these geese! This won't stop me from playing here though!

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One of the most classic and challenging old city courses I've ever played. I bet you can't shoot under your handicap here!

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Certainly a course worth playing. I enjoyed it quite a bit and am planning on playing again soon. The back 9 is more scenic than the front, with some very memorable holes. Number 11 offers an eagle opportunity if you can hit it long over the lake. Number 17 feels like a PGA hole. I was surprised by the one reviewer who said this course is overpriced. It is in fact a relatively inexpensive course for what you get in my opinion. Sure there are better courses in Portland but that's no reason to skip this very nice course. I would suggest that guy quit his day job at McDonald's and go back to school so he can move out of his parent's basement and someday afford to play golf. Is it noteworthy that they sell used golf balls???

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