Eagle Haven Golf Course

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This course has a lot of variety. The fairways are wide, fairly straight and forgiving. Some are up to 500+ yards others are less than 150 yards but fraught with water hazards. The greens are large with a moderate to slow roll. The sand traps are the typical low banks in and higher banks out. However, they're filled with a course sand that absorbs water making it easier to get out of there after a rain or watering. The water hazards can be wide but forgiving for those that don't get much altitude to their drives. The low edges allowed me to take advantage of a lucky skip across to the other side.

Atmosphere: Good But the surrounding noises emanating from the pool, baseball fields and barracks makes it far less serene than the other miltary courses at Oceana or Sewells Point.  

Clubhouse: probably of the best of the military bases in the area. It's good sized, well kept has a clean locker room and great pro-shop. The restaurant is just OK but serves a decent breakfast and lunch for a fair price.

Overall it's a nice course at a good price but it's step (or in this case a star down) from the other military courses, 3 Stars.

PS: If you're not a service member or veteran find a friend to take you...BUT if you do that be kind enough to pick up the cost for the game or donate to a charity supporting the troops.

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I came on base as a guest and took a tour of the 18 hole course.  So there is no way I can give the course itself a proper review.  However, I did see all the course and amenities.  Let me first off say look at the pics I took, it is a beautiful course.  I was very impressed that the base can support and maintain something this nice.  At the same time our men and women in the military deserve it and much more.  

Upon walking up to the entrance I did notice that power washing was needed on the white brick as it was turning light green with run off from above trees.  Lobby had nice carpeting and paint on the wall that was presentable.  The Pro area was nice and appears they have what you need.  A sale was going on to close out many items at cost.  The concessions area was HUGE and had a TV.  An outdoor eating area was right off the inside concessions area.  They were serving a lunch buffet on this day.  Men's room had a foul odor and badly needed updating with some medal areas rusting.  They do offer a driving range with around 10-12 spaces.  Parking at the facility is tight when busy.  

I would love to come back and play the course with it beautiful rolling hills, big trees that hang over the fairways and well manicured greens.  Good job Eagle Haven maintenance crew.

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