Dupont Country Club

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This review is only for the restaurant, Legends.

I met with a member here for lunch on a Saturday. Service was prompt, friendly and very professional.

Crab cake entree was amazing! My friend enjoyed his seafood linguine as well.

And a perfect vodka gimlet served with rocks on the side.

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The Dupont Country Club has everything that a fine experience should offer. I've been there several times for various occasions. From wedding receptions to birthday celebrations. In my honest opinion, amidst the grandeur of the greens or the intricacies of the architecture, Dupont Country club is missing the wow factor. In fact, its sub par.
Usually, I give credit where credit is due. The fact of the matter is, it overrated. The food is bland, the internal sound system is pathetic, and the service is very poor considering the price that is paid.
My real complaint came just over a week ago. I was attending a wedding rehearsal dinner with my wife. Everything was going "fine" until something came up that made me need to leave early. My wife escorted me out through the main hall past reception and was blatantly and obviously "checked out" by some crusty member of the staff who had the audacity to whisper to himself, "damn," as my wife walked by. He even took a second stare down at my wife's posterior. I confronted him on the spot which caught him completely off guard. He was tongue tied and speechless until I walked away when he gained the strength to call me a "jackass," and a string of other profane cliches. Luckily, my wife my wife pulled me out before I had the chance to waste any more time.
That night I left a comment on their web page in hopes of addressing the issue with whoever runs the place. I received an email and then a call with words promising that the "problem" would be "fixed." No such thing has happened and I haven't heard from the "director" since.
Altogether, when you want to see the foundation of a company, take a look at the people who work there. They are the following: uninterested, perverse, inconsiderate, indifferent...the list goes on and on.
It makes me sick to my stomach.

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We attended a corporate party at the DuPont country club and it was great.  The club itself seems as though it has been around for-eh-ver.  Old school ballroom decor.  Nice restooms, dancefloors, place for a band, terraces.

Good for weddings, parties and large events.

Food was surprisingly good - pasta station, carving station, crepe & dessert waffles with BIG fresh berries.  Also a sushi bar brought in by Okura in Hokessin.

Good stuff!

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