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When in Las Vegas, the last place I expect to be is at a country club. But, here I was, and this is my review.

Let it begin.

I actually came here for a non-Elvis type of Las Vegas wedding and was pleasantly surprised to find a place of class and sophistication outside of the strip. The banquet room was honestly quite lovely with ornate decorations and a perfect view of Sin City. Dining and dancing with the Las Vegas strip flickering back up at you is a perk for all your guests and an ideal backdrop for any and all pictures.

The ladies room is a bit small, which for all women out there who know and understand the annoyance of primping with 7 other ladies in the mirror, can be quite frustrating. There is a gateman before entering the grounds, and I deeply appreciate the "Wedding" directional signs the club put in place to ensure we arrived in the correct building. Every server, bartender, gateman and security guard I encountered had the utmost professionalism and made the entire experience quite enjoyable.

Overall tasteful wedding thanks to the tasteful tastes of Dragon Ridge. Thank you for an unforgettable setting for an unforgettable night.

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Writing this review in regards to the service provided by the personnel in charge of wedding preparations. I was the matron of honor in my sister's wedding and while the panoramic views from the Grand Ballroom and the final set up for her wedding were absolutely stunning, we experienced quite a few head aches the day of.
 My sister and her hubby had hired a wedding coordinator to assist with their planning. Apparently the country club had gone under new management and the couple had been given a new wedding coordinator and informed of these changes THREE WEEKS before the wedding. While Millie (the new coordinator) was quite friendly and pleasant in nature, I have never been more frustrated in my life trying to make sure my sister's day was picture perfect.
The rehearsal was the day before and while there was another wedding scheduled for that day, I understood why we weren't able to do a quick rundown of our entire processional from where we would start the day of. So we start the rehearsal and we are told where we would walk from and how we would proceed down this imaginary aisle. Great. I'm very particular when it comes to detail so I ask Millie when each couple would proceed after the other and she replies with "I will tell you when to go". That's fine. I also ask her where the ladies would stand and how far apart from each other in conjunction with how the groomsmen would be standing, no answer. The rehearsal was quick which was fine but she was so uninformative which drove me bonkers but I'll roll with it. My sister's DJ shows up and asks for her wedding program and her reply was, "Millie was supposed to email it to you. You haven't received It yet?" His answer, "No not yet". RED FLAG. After the rehearsal dinner and all my sister is on the phone at 8PM with her DJ FINALLY going over the program and the songs. Well... at least he finally got the email from her.
 DAY OF the wedding was hectic enough. From what I was told, the candy table that we were told WOULD BE set up was NOT set up and luckily for us, some girlfriends had arrived early and were able to throw it all together quickly. The coordinator had us drop off favors and what not the night before and told us everything would be set up. WRONG. And someone please explain to me why they were still putting the wedding arch together 15 minutes BEFORE the guests were scheduled to start arriving?  And hearing this from several guests, the microphone that the officiant was supposed to use during the ceremony was already NOT WORKING. We also had to ASK for the cheese plate that was supposed to be ready in her bridal room which we received about 5 mins before we had to make that walk down the aisle. Anyways, fast forward to ceremony.
We march. We are about to begin the ceremony but the microphone still isn't working. Tap tap. Nothing. I look up and the DJ looks as lost as ever trying to figure out his equipment (Bliss Entertainment  Las Vegas) who by the way is NOT the same DJ from the night before. The officiant decides she will proceed anyway and use her best loud voice. I look for the wedding coordinator and see her texting like crazy on her phone. I pray to God she is texting for a new mic but apprantely she wasn't because MY HUSBAND (who is playing the role of usher in the wedding) is the one to go towards the DJ and try to get the mic working WHICH HE ACCOMPLISHES. The coordinator is apparently fine with the mic not working because she is still texting away. We start the ceremony over. It ends. Everyone is told to head to cocktail hour which is WRONG because it was requested that family stay to take pictures with the bride and groom. So we spend half an hour trying to rangle everyone up. UGH. We waste MORE time.
So there are a few instances where we cannot find Millie, the coordinator at all. Whatever, we take care of the things we can take care of which is fine. But if you pay the extra to have a coordinator THE DAY OF the wedding and she has an assistant, everything should run smoothly right?
Quick rundown of everything that went wrong:
-Terrible rehearsal. Whatever. We made it work.
-Didn't have starving Bride's cheese plate ready in room and it didn't come until minutes before we had to leave.
-Didn't send the DJ the wedding program in a timely manner, which she was supposed to do.
-Failed to have the candy table set up DAY OF the wedding.
-Didn't tell the Bride or Groom the vases for unity sand were missing until hours before wedding.
-Didn't make an effort to make sure the mic was working during ceremony. Was texting only God knows who.
-Didn't relay information properly causing family members to waste time during picture taking and cocktail hour.
There were a few minor things that were said that were going to be done but, I ended up doing them myself like grabbing the vases for the bridal party's flowers. Luckily another bridesmaid had words with Millie. I was too furious!

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Probably the most stunning and challenging course I have ever played (and I am a member at a Jack Nicklaus designed course  in canada). I shot off the cobalt tees (6400 ish yards) and thoroughly enjoyed my round.
I was a little surprised they didn't have the equivalent of a Vegas showgirl driving the drink cart, but that's a pretty minor caveat in the grand scheme if things.
The tee shots were the most difficult, because there are a couple of blind shots and often you are hitting over vast expanses before you even hit fairway.
My short game was terrible so I also got to experience plenty of their sand, it was consistently hard, but at least it was consistent so you knew what you were getting into.
Overall I have to give this course 5 stars because it is the best I have ever played.

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Played golf here on a Wed as part of a stroke play tournament. I was so excited to play b/c I've heard good things. I ended up enjoying my entire experience here.

This course is beautiful and well manicured. From tee to green, this course is close to flawless. The greens aren't that fast, but can sneak up on you at times. As for lay-out, there are some quirky weird holes like #10, but all in all it's a fun lay-out. The desert rocks can be challenging to hit out of and damaging to your clubs if you are inaccurate with shots.

As for practice amenities, there is a large grass range and large putting green. Not sure if there was a chipping practice area or not.

Staff is super friendly and attentive. The carts have GPS and an ice chest to keep things cool in the hot summer heat.

All in all, it is truly a country club experience. I would love to play here again!

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Great views and a course in great condition.  Doesn't have bermuda grass so is totally green in the winter.   Greens are fast but not to fast.  This is another desert style course but the large landing areas for your drive keep the ball out of the desert.  Good course, but I personally like courses that have some trees.  No trees here.

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