Doyne Park Golf Course

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Great course to learn on. At $7/ adult for 9  holes it's a bargain. Has not really been busy and we've gone at all different times, so never wait. Granted, it's not as lovely as some but it works for us.

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Great place to work on your short game or to learn the game! Can't beat it with this in mind...  

Update: As of the 2014 golf season, Doyne GC now offers KickGolf!  This relatively new sport offers a twist on golf using existing GC infrastructure using soccer balls & a flag / hole located adjacent to the putting greens as your target.  Current tee boxes are used as the kickoff / tee off markers for each hole.

Simply AWESOME!!!

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I HAVE A PAR 3 GOLF COURSE IN MY BACKYARD. I don't want to brag but I made a good investment on a rental apartment and it paid off. Seriously, I rent a house that's walking distance from Doyne Park.

PLAY: Doyne is a small (815 total yards) nine hole par three course that's only $7 to play. It's open from sunrise to sunset - there's a self pay station for when it doesn't have a park employee present.

CLUBS NEEDED: Pitching wedge and putter

THE COURSE: The long grass is very forgiving of shots hit too hard. The grass "kills" shots that would otherwise bounce another thirty yards on other courses. The greens are also very slow. No sand traps or water hazards. Good course to practice chip shots.

RESPECT: There were several beer bottles and cans littered throughout the course. Public course or TPC Sawgrass - I wish people had more respect.

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Doyne Park

This is a nice little 9 hole par 3 course, the longest holes a little over 100 yards long, so you don't need anything too long. It is maintained fairly well, but as with other "oak level" courses in the county parks system, the clubhouse is rather small with little to offer other than a vending machine and drinking fountain. However, for only $6.00 a round it's great for a cheap round now and then.

This is slightly more challenging than Lake or Zablocki, but it is very pretty, and sometimes it's nice when the majority of holes have some elevation changes and various natural hazards lining the 'fairways'.

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