Downers Grove Golf Club

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This is a wonderful hidden gem in the western suburbs.  The course has a wonderful history, the layout is challenging yet with four sets of tees can be as friendly or challenging as you want it to be.  The course is consistently in top shape and is is much better shape than most in the area.  

One thing I especially like is that they treat us ladies very well.  Very friendly, welcoming and courteous.  I can't say that about some other courses in the area.  The workers are mostly retired gentlemen who know how to treat a lady.

I noticed some comments mentioned "slow play" which is a relative thing.  The scorecard  has a pace of play line that shows 2 hours 20 minutes as a recommended pace and most days it's pretty close to my experience.  This is about right for the level of difficulty  of he course.  If some of you want to "play a quick 9" which I hear all too often you should be going to Zigfield Troy or Twin Lakes.  

If I have one negative it's the number of diseased ash trees that had to be removed.  It breaks my heart and changed the character of the 5th hole.  I know it can't be helped but???????

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OK course. It's a good 9 holes and there's the history, which no one can ever get straight. The negatives are the extremely slow play and the complete a holes who work there. Business must be so good they can get away with it. Spend some extra money and play elsewhere

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Layout is fair to poor, Village Links in (Glen Ellyn) 9 hole course is a much better play and better maintained. The cornstalk type plants guarantee lost golf balls if you miss the fairway. One of the greens is so steely sloped as to be unplayable. Simply put not worth the time or money to play here. I used to play here before they redesigned it, it was better then. Slow play is the norm here and staff is at best just rude.

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Pro: Everything from the other posts. A great course, well kept, good play. Little slow at times as they seem to run a lot of leagues.

CONS; STAFF! STAFF! STAFF! Nearly every single employee of the course is rude, inconsiderate and short. I am paying money to play, at least show the slightest bit of respect. I have played this course since i was 13, its local and it is a great course thats the only reason I keep coming back. Unfortunately I have had to deal with this staff the whole time. At this point I just treat them like the @$$holes they are and if you cant show me respect you don't deserve it.

Honestly thinking about going to a town hall meeting to get the staff changed out, this place would be gold if they had a welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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Consistently well kept up par 36 9 hole course off the Belmont Road Metra station stop. Highly recommend for the price. Other reviewers are right re: slow pace of play but this is typical for this level of course.

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