Doublegate Country Club

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Here for dinner after a quail hunt in Camilla.

Charming place, excellent food, with good folks.
Albany gets a bad rap for some reason but my ventures on business find hidden gems and good eats.

Some of our guests had the buffet, I had the fish. Everyone enjoyed their meals and all at a good price.

When in Albany on business, dine at the Doublegate. Good choice.

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I was invited to the monthly seafood buffet at Double Gate, which happens on the first Friday of every month. One thing that you must know is that you should dress up a bit to go eat at Double Gate.

Once we were seated the waitress immediately asked us what we would like to drink and were provided with said drinks right away.

I checked out the spread and there were Brussels sprouts which were delicious, Mediterranean salmon which was quite tasty with the marinara sauce but a little over cooked, Veal oscar with crab, which I would have to say was probably the best dish that was served. They also had smoked salmon, and cocktail shrimp.  Another thing that I was definetely a fan of was their sauteed scallops station, where they would cook the scallops right in front of you! The scallops were perfectly cooked with butter, white wine, bell peppers and garlic... delicious!!

For dessert, they had two kinds of chocolate cake, a strawberry cheesecake and a pumpkin cheesecake. Both cheesecakes were delicious!

Overall I had a very pleasant experience, the service was excellent... our table was constantly cleared and refills were provided when needed without asking and the scallops cook def knew what he was doing.

Two thumbs up!!!

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