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Hi All

Just wondering if anyone has ever done a wedding here before? We are planning our and having a little trouble with the management to get a clear idea of what they are offering?

Any comments would be very much appreciated


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If you're lucky and rich - have your corporate Christmas party here! Have a classy time. This place is gorgeous - it's like something you see on an episode of 90210 (minus the palm trees i guess). The ground are great, the staff are super nice - the washrooms are classy and clean and the food was delish. Filet mignon was oouuutt of this world and i don't usually like it! Salmon was moist as...well, moist. Very well done - bravo!!!

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Donalda is a little bit of paradise tucked away in the city.

First of all, I don't golf. No interest, not ever, so I take it more as a "Country Club" than a "Golf Club" which technically it is.

The 18 hole golf course is beautiful - I mean, I can only appreciate the wilderness as a non-golfer, but I really do appreciate it! They even have wildlife - deer, coyotes, foxes, and the occasional skunk.

The club itself is great too - their gardens have recently been redone so they have a beautiful patio space where you can enjoy lunch or take wedding photos. They have a few indoor dining rooms as well, and a space that they regularly set up a buffet for members.

The other perks:

- Large outdoor pool surrounded by lounge chairs

- Gym with brand new equipment and classes

- Curling rink

- Locker rooms with everything you could possibly need included

The only downside to Donalda is that the service in the dining areas is not always so prompt. But since you're relaxing in a comfortable environment, it doesn't really affect your experience!

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I'm not a big fan of country clubs in general, I rather attend a grungy music venue than spend a day at a country club. I'm not sure what it is. That being said, where country clubs are concerned Donalda is a pretty sweet one.

First off, it's tucked off in a residential area, which is super weird. I thought my GPS was leading me astray again, but it wasn't! Donalda is hidden away from the noisy DVP, York Mills and Don Mills road that border it...

I was here for a wedding, which is actually a beautiful place. The hall where the reception is looks like an ol' school little building. It has two floors, but the second floor only spans half the first floor and is mainly used for office and dressing room/storage etc.

The hall was decorated nicely and all the staff were extremely courteous and friendly.  The food was absolutely amazing! Wedding food can go either way, and this was probably one of the best wedding meals I've had. The wild mushroom soup and the creme brule were rockin' my socks off.

The only negative thing about this place, is that the dance floor was in a completely separate area. I guess this catered more towards an older crowd, or maybe it wasn't initially designed to host weddings and they added the dance floor in later, but it made for much difficulty getting people on the dance floor. I like the concept of an integrated dance floor in the dancing area, it makes for an interesting dynamic!

All and all, Donalda is what it is, and for what it is, it does a good job!

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