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We stayed here for 6 nights in a pool-side room with a 21 month old toddler. This review is for the hotel only. Definitely a kid friendly place, it was great being on the ground level next to the pool and jacuzzi and my kid could look out the glass back door and see the pool every morning, we had easy access which is great with kids and late night dips. We could also put him down and take a late night jacuzzi dip and be close enough to hear him should he wake up.

The hotel staff was friendly and very helpful. I booked on for most of the trip but then extended my stay with the hotel directly, who gave  us a great deal, and they were helpful with the transition and letting us stay in the same room. The manager Jasmine was very friendly and helpful. the rooms are a decent size and we had a nice big desk to work on. No refrigerator unless you upgrade to a higher room or pay $10/day, which is funny because the pool-side rooms are more expensive than two other room types.

Like the other reviewers mentioned, the cleanliness is lacking here and it's a shame because they just don't get that much business, so maybe they can't afford to hire better management who could ensure a tidy operation. When we arrived in our room the AC unit was making a terrible high pitched sound, and when you leaned on it, it went away. Also, the toilet handle was broken in half. We called to complain and they fixed both issues right away. The jacuzzi tub probably only gets cleaned once in a while, in the day light you can see a thick layer of scum on the tub wall, like when a really dirty person takes a bath and then doesn't rinse the tub afterwards. The patio floor is full of cigarette butts and debris, and our back patio area had butts and chewing gum right by the door.
Some guest decided to leave their used towels by our door each day and they would not get picked up until the next morning.

If you're a stickler for cleanliness, don't stay here. If you want a decent hotel experience and need to stay in Miami Lakes, it's not bad for the price. We stayed here because we have family close by, otherwise we would have gone to Miami Beach for sure.

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This review is for GOLF - First time golfing here and i'll be back again. Greens were in great shape and the fairways and rough were well manicured. Plenty of challenging holes to keep your head in the game. If you get a tee time through you can get a great deal, otherwise i don't think i'd pay the asking price for this course.

Some of the best 19th hole food you can have being associated with Shulas. Prices are on par with any golf course 19th hole grill. Cart girls are good looking so you might lose a stroke or two trying to show off.

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It's so sad that Don Shula's name is attached to this hotel. My Dad and I came here because it was the hotel that put us up with the Lions travel package. I wish we would have spent a little more money to stay at a decent hotel near the beach.

This place was perfect for my Dad, hell, it's perfect for anyone over the age of 50. It's a cute little community, with all the shops they want to make them happy.

Customer service is seriously lacking in this hotel. And so is cleanliness. Some hairy ape went to town on shaving his junk in the shower, and his pubes were on the back wall of it when we checked in. Disgusting.

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Living downtown and close to Coral Gables, I normally would not travel to Miami Lakes for a good steak dinner. In this case, however, I had two gift cards for Shula's totalling $150 that seemed to make it worth the trip.

When we pulled up to the Steakhouse, there was a valet station, but the two "kids" working there were busy playing rock, paper, scissors, so we decided to park our own car. In the parking lot, I have never seen so many cats in my life. That to me signals trash on the grounds.

As we walked up to the entrace, the valet kids seemed to be walking ahead of us, presumably to open the door, as would normally occur at a nice steakhouse,... but no - they didn't even see us! Finally, with a shock, the valet girl turned around and said "excuse me" and moved out of the way. Luckily, I don't mind opening my own door, but I can imagine people used to country clubs would get a little bent out of shape.

Once inside, the bar area was quite pretty. We sat at the bar, and there was an atrociously loud group at a table behind us. It was obviously a corporate get-together, and it seemed the guys had intentionally overserved a female co-worker, who no doubt would regret some of her rantings and ravings the next day... but I digress.

Our bartender came over and introduced himself, and told us how "crazy" it had been all night. I found this hard to believe since there were only a handful of people at the bar, plus the business drunks behind us. Anyway, he walked away without asking us if we'd like a drink. When he came back about five minutes later, he introduced himself AGAIN, and asked us what we'd like to drink, mentioning one more time how crazy his night was.

The menu at Shula's is grossly overpriced, and I think they need a little bit of a reality check. "Hello, this isn't South Beach. This is Miami Lakes."

I have never seen a steak listed MKT price, and I thought that was really annoying. They have a selection of about eight steak cuts and sizes, and I really didn't feel like asking the ADHD bartender to break down the prices for me.

So we ordered..., the BBQ shrimp was delicious. The filet steak I had was flavorless, but my dining companion's NY Strip was pretty good. After we finished eating, ADHD came back and asked us if we'd like dessert. When we declined, he said "What are you guys, on the Atkins diet or something?"

At that point, I was ready to leave. After getting our check, we waited over 10 minutes before the bartender finally turned away from watching football to ask us if we were "all set."

Yes, indeed. I am all set to never, ever set foot in this restaurant again.

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We booked through for two night stay on our trip to see the Miami Dolphins.  Clean enough, but definitely a more tired location.  Front desk was scattered and confused, and the "renovated" decor seems more confused with a splash of pink than anything else.  Received a coupon for Shula's Steakhouse, which was conveniently closed on Sunday and Monday, the two evenings we were here. Spa is also closed on Monday.  The place is ok at best.

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