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Great Sunday brunch. But for a regular evening you can never go wrong with their New York Strip.

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The staff was very friendly and accommodating. I read reviews here before our stay, and was skeptical. Our room must have been in the part of the resort that has already undergone renovation. Because it had none of the issues described by several YELPERS.
The first room had a problem with the A/C. But, we were immediately offered to be relocated. The second room was great. Very clean, VERY comfortable beds!!! flat screen tv, mini fridge, nice soaps, WIFI, etc.....
The buffet breakfast was very nice, and again the staff couldn't have been better.

These are complaints:
The first is that it is kind of strange to find! Once there it is convenient to everything and you can walk to most anything that you want. But, even the GPS struggled to actually get us to the entrance.

The second is the tennis. We called the front desk to inquire about tennis and were told that there was plenty of availability and the we could just come by and they would arrange the court. Well we did as instructed, and went to the front desk at 5:30p, only to be told that they were closing the tennis courts at 6pm!!! ON SATURDAY!!! They have clay and hard courts with lights. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF LIT TENNIS COURTS IF YOU CLOSE THEM AT 6PM!!!! Especially on Saturday night, at a sports resort????? I don't know if they were short staffed, or the person working the tennis courts had to leave early, but we were not impressed at all by them not being able to work it out for us to play. Put the lights on and leave a court unlocked, not that complicated to find a solution.

It would also be advisable to check the Dolphins schedule before booking! The hotel was full of the visiting team's fans (Philadelphia Eagles) for the game on Sunday. A lot of loud drunken guys. And unless your wife/girlfriend wants to be gawked at, the pool is basically unusable on home game weekends. There wasn't an empty seat around the pool. It was a fifty to one ratio of hungover guys to each woman.

The final issue has to do with soundproofing. Either they were shooting a porno in the room next to us, she was overcompensating with poor orgasm faking, or she was just an exuberant SCREAMER!!! Maybe it was just a rented movie and the volume was way up on the TV???? But, needless to say, their was no way to not hear what was coming from the room next door! (pun intended!)  

But, all in all, we would definitely stay there again, just not on a football weekend! lol

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This review is also for the golf course!

If you like to play really nice courses, don't waste your time or money to play here. Greens were excruciatingly slow. fairways no grass and tee boxes looked as if you were standing in the rough trying to tee up your ball.

The back 9 was cart paths only, although we saw no reason for it. What they were trying to protect is beyond me.

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We stayed here this past weekend in an attempt to make a mini-vacation out of a business 'trip'. The hotel was nice. It was clean, the staff was friendly and accommodating, room service wasn't excessively expensive,and its located within walking distance of restaurants, stores, and even a movie theater.

The beds were very soft and hugged your body as you melted down into them. I love that feeling after a busy day. The weather wasn't the best so I don't have any information on the pool situation. Our room was on the first floor next to the fountains just opposite to Shula's 2.

We had dinner there our first night in and its a good place, comparable to a Friday's or an Outback. Its the less fancy version of the Shula's Steakhouse so its casual, no reservation needed. Everything we had was salad was fresh and huge... I couldn't finish it. Pricing was great also.. think along the lines of the restaurants I mentioned before.

The only problem I had with this hotel is that our keys seemed to stop working quite frequently. We had to have them reprogrammed twice while we were there (we were only there two nights). That was a little bit of a nuisance but luckily our room was about a minutes walk from the front desk.

Other then that our stay was really pleasant.

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There seems to be some scattered reviews, some for the Steakhouse, some for the Golf, some for the actual Hotel.

Shula's Hotel has Shula's 2 restaurant in it, which is a mini version of Shula's Steakhouse, which is at the Golf Club.

I am staying at the hotel ten days and have experienced Shula's 2 and the fitness center. I booked three nights initially, because if you stay two nights you get the third night free. I had requested and paid for the Patrician Suite, but received a call that they were under construction and I was offered an upgrade to the Signature Level which is a private access floor with complimentary breakfast weekdays on the floor (very good) and a pass for a continental breakfast at Shula's 2 on the weekends (very bad). My first room was so dark, even with all the lights on and overlooked half an old palm tree and the parking lot. I wrote an email to the sales department and told them I'd like to extend my stay but wanted a different room. I moved my belongings to a new room (identical) but that has a balcony that overlooks the pond/fountain area next to the pool and jacuzzi. The light is much better here.

Rooms: On the Signature Level, the rooms are great. The colors are all dark brown and the fixtures resemble an old law library. Flat screen tvs with 40 "dude" channels if you get my drift, and a large desk. The floor is pseudo-hardwood and very clean and new. The bathtubs and shower fixture are old, but the bathroom area outside toilet/shower room has marble counter-top and good fixtures. There is a clean but old-ish bathrobe. Aveda shampoo, conditioner, body wash and soap bars are nice. The complimentary breakfast in room 3218 on the signature level is really great: hard boiled eggs, cereal, croissants, yogurt parfait, fruit, meats, cheeses, and fresh coffee and juices.

Complimentary access to the fitness club is a plus, but I got there and it was swarming with grade-school basketball camp. It felt very YMCA-ish. The cardio floor is packed with often malfunctioning equipment and you have to walk on the balance beam that hides the power lines to get to a free treadmill. Both restrooms in the women's locker room were out of order. The weight room was crowded with equipment in places that it didn't really make sense. I didn't see a good stretch area.

I didn't play golf and I didn't go to the Shula's Steakhouse. I didn't use the pool. The wifi is annoying only because you have to log on every time your computer refreshes. "I accept." Enter first name. Enter last name. Validating....... and I wouldn't call it lightning fast. I tried several times to download one song on my iPad and it kept refreshing and goobering up.

Overall the rates are pretty good for what you get if you're able to swing some upgrades. There were some typical annoyances like a smoke detector that needed a new battery. A group of rowdies camped out outside my door at 5am on Saturday morning locked out of their room. Only one elevator to the third floor signature room which if you're in a room like 3229 is a really long walk but if you're in 3204 it isn't so bad. Although the floors are hardwood, that means that sound carries under the adjoining door. Parking is ok here. Today is game day so I'm sure it will be fun.

I used to book a hotel in Miami and this was the only one in my pricerange that offered a 4-star property. It is not a 4-star property, but it is much better amenity-wise than spending the same amount for a 2-star property on Miami beach.

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