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The area is great! The staff at front desk are seemingly good too and the rooms are pretty decent and free parking is great!!

I was really looking forward to the spa but could never take advantage of it because the never cleaned it it was nasty. Twice someone in house keeping opened my room when I was not there and left it ajar and no one took responsibility for it thank goodness nothing came up missing. The restaurant INSIDE the hotel was fair a bit over priced for the fare and the service definitely was lacking but once I brought it to the managers attention the staff and manger did all they could to remedy the opportunity so kudos for that. All in All I would not ever want to pay to stay here full market price its not worth it but at a significant discount its worth considering.

For the price I have experienced much better.

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Great hotel, especially for Miami Dolphins fans.  We had a few problems like lack of internet our first day, the phone ringing for no reason waking us up, and no maid service one day - but the front desk was very responsive to the issues.  The sports bar there was incredible... wonderful food, and they allowed us west coasters to watch the LA Kings game two nights.  I highly recommend this hotel!

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Very nice front desk, beautiful court yard and a decent pool-  Dated blue tile. The room was very nice, high end furniture, and nice bedspread. A/C works a charm. Hardwood floors are excellent, and the sink outside the toilet/shower is granite and very modern. However, less can be said about the bathroom tub/toilet. VERY outdated, not clean. And it was the same in all 3 rooms I've stayed in.

Bottom Line: If your need to stay in an inexpensive, yet beautiful hotel near north miami, this is the one. The commute to The U of Miami (Coral Gables, FL) was a short distance, but takes about 30-40 mins

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The bed was comfortable & my room was clean those are the only good things I can really say with conviction.

There is no "front entrance" nor is there a valet (despite the podium) or sign to help you make your way from one of the two porticos to the registration desk. I hauled my bags to the front desk only to have to haul them back to my car, drive around with vague directions, and try a few unmarked doors to the out buildings where the rooms are located. Other guests were also confused - I saw several dragging their luggage in circles with confused looks on their faces & a couple asked for directions to the front desk.

My room was, well, odd. The floors in the rooms were nice and, as mentioned, the bed was comfortable. The light switch in the alcove also controls the bathroom but mine didn't work consistently, it was one of those motion detectors with a switch. It was replaced fairly quickly on day 2 once it stopped working completely.

Several channels on the television did not work. Text reading "No Signal" bounced around the screen in a taunting manner when I wanted to watch ABC or CBS. Other channels were visually clear but without sound while others were snowy but audio was intact. There was evidence someone had been in my room (TV left on) but it was never fixed.

The air conditioner was LOUD! So loud I had to routinely adjust the volume on the television and it would kick on and off very often. I tried adjusting the temperature but that didn't help. Electrical outlets were oddly placed - charging my phone and laptop and using the hairdryer was an exercise in flexibility.

The bar attached to the hotel was smarmy. I could go on but with so many other very nice spots nearby just skip this place. I had a salad when I arrived around 830P, it was nothing special but not horrible. After looking around while having my salad, there was no way I was eating anything else here.

I was here for a conference and the conference room was disappointing. The audio equipment worked well only occasionally. The tables were too narrow and there were metal bars on which I banged my knees often despite my best efforts.

The location is fabulous with some nice restaurants on Main Street. The employees are polite but I won't be back to this hotel even if the conference chooses to return - I'll stay down the road a bit.


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Not one of my favorite places to stay at if i had a choice. As I dragged my tired and exhausted self into the lobby from a late night fly in, the first thing i saw was 2 sets of people (the kind with their grill on wearing loose white t-shirt and bling blings and bathed in cologne/perfume) sitting and chatting loudly and obnoxiously by the hotel lobby. My first thought was oh hell no. What did i get myself into!!!!

It literally took more than 6 minutes of walk to get to my room from the lobby (and I walk fast). The room itself is a confused child, caught between the 80's and the modern world. As shown in some of the pics posted by fellow yelpers, the flooring in the room is pretty nicely done. This is about the only nice thing I can say about this place. The bathroom is really disgusting. Granted this hotel is supposedly a "resort", so I can understand some of the features in the bathroom to accomodate the resort-ish activities, however the bathroom is definitely stuck in the 80's and has the original 80's fixtures.

I tried not to touch anything in the room as i was a bit concerned with how sanitary everything was. But the bed was clean and comfy at least. The only other good thing about this place is the bakery right next door. It serves the awesomest coffee that a girl can ask for.

Btw, not sure why my room was so expensive even with a corporate rate. In chicago the same rate got me the Ritz. I heard the Don Shula's in Ft Lauderdale is much nicer, why the disparity?!!! Bleh.

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