Don Shula’s Hotel & Golf Club

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The hotel was a little outdated, but I have to say that the following made up for it:
The staff, they were wonderful even in the restaurant.
The cleanliness- there is no carpet, a bonus, and the hotel property and rooms were clean.
Almost every room has a balcony and mine had a nice view of the pool.

The downside is the walls are paper thin and the hotel is outdated.
I could also never get the temperature right.
There was only one small lamp and one small desk lamp and no overhead lighting so when the blinds were shut it was pretty dark, plus due to limited outlets I had to unplug the only true lamp to plug in my phone.

The location is convenient and it is a relatively safe area. There are lots of restaurants and shopping located within walking distance along with a FedEx Office, grocery store and Walgreen across the street.

The price was reasonable between $135-189 a night. I would stay there again if I wanted a low cost and conveniently located option in Miami between Ft. Lauder dale and Miami locations.

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This was was a nice hotel for the price walking distant to restaurants and it's a nice walk very appealing to the eye. Their bakery has a Starbucks in it but a little yummy secret ask for a cafe con leché the best!!

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The rooms were extremely dusty, with stained curtains/headboard, COCKROCHES, and hair in the corners of the bathroom floor.
When you first get the hotel things are nice at first glance, then after being in the room you suddenly realizes things are not as nice as they seem. The floors in the room were great, but that's about were the compliments stop. There's just a lot of little things about this hotel that is very either just plain out unsanitary, or just not nicest thing to see. Not to mention they nickel and dime you for everything you do.

The location to the highway is great though, if that counts for anything....

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I stayed at Shulas and really enjoyed it. I got the 3rd night free as we stayed for three days. That made each night 73$ per night. Super deal. Also when you get stay at the hotel you get to use they're gym across the street and they have an AVEDA spa across the street.

In all I really enjoyed my stay here and look forward to coming back to shulas again.

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My group stayed here for 3 days for a business conference.   The location is fine, although quite a distance from south beach if you interested in that (about a $70 cab ride).    

There isn't much in this area ,  mostly chain restaurants and mini malls.  A few choices are above average.    The restaurant and bar in the hotel is lame with poor sevice, poor selections, and drab interior.  It was dead on a Saturday night.

The room I had was adequate, but that is it.   Little things irritate me in hotels like this.   Like the tub stopper doesn't work, or the sink drain won't drain fully.    Nothing critical, but I don't know why they don't fix that stuff.

People and service were nice and efficient.  The front desk offered to bring my laundry to my room, which is not standard.  That was nice.    

They have a really nice health club which is free.

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