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Very poorly managed. I have had MULITIPLE experiences where management has done something to make my golf experience at this course very unenjoyable. May be worth the money if you walk and arent looking for a quick round.

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Diamond Ridge is truly a "diamond in the rough" for Maryland golf.  I rarely ever mention this course without getting back a "never heard of it" response.  It's part of the Baltimore County cluster of (five) public courses, which are all well managed and well maintained.  Diamond Ridge has been my "home" course for the past 15 years.  The superintendent does an excellent job keeping the course in great shape, and the staff is always friendly.  It's a very challenging course, with a few brutal holes.  Even the holes that look easy tend to be challenging on this course.  If you can par the #3 hole (429-yard par 4 dogleg), you can tame any hole on any course.   And if you can successfully run the gauntlet on the back 9 (#11 530-yard par 5 dogleg, #12 200-yard par 3, and #13 430-yard straight par 4 with a narrow green), consider it a moral victory, regardless of the rest of the round.  On the other hand, the back nine (which has 3 par 3's, 3 par 4's, and 3 par 5's) does present some scoring opportunities.  The conditions are always very good, with well manicured fairways and greens, and beautifully raked bunkers, which isn't always the case in some more expensive regional golf courses (like Timbers at Troy, for instance).  It can be a little tricky to find, on the southwestern edge of Baltimore County, and a weekend round here can be a slow affair, but you can't beat the price or the conditions of the course itself.  The clubhouse is first-rate, and is shared with The Woodlands golf course, another of the Balt Co cluster.  The pro shop is better than most, and the food is good.  I walked the back-9 of Diamond Ridge early Saturday morning for $11.   Seriously, it was $11.  You can't beat that on a crappy course, let alone on a challenging 4-star course.  If you're playing 18, I recommend a riding cart, as the front 9 isn't an easy walk.   But you can play this course for the $25-$50 range, and you can buy a cheap membership card that gives you a discount on all 5 courses.  Diamond Ridge is highly recommended for the avid golfer!

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Hidden affordable and great golf course. It is well hidden in the woods. I like the slope fairways and challenging putting greens. It is well-maintained with newer clubhouse. Twilight tee time is even better. Get the advantage card if you plan to come here often. They have driving range, chipping greens, and putting greens.

It may not have challenging trap sands or water hazard but it is enjoyable course with great staff.

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Worth the price of admission, but don't expect perfection.

Diamond Ridge is a perfect replication of any local municipal course. It is flat, it is cheap and it is crowded. This is why I can only stand to play this course on a weekday or a weekend in the wintertime.

For about $30 (walking), you feel like you get your money's worth, but the course is typically lacking when it comes to quality and conditioning. It is a bit higher when you add in the cart, closer to $40, but a lot of people walk this course. This contributes to the pace of play, which can be numbingly slow! You will find yourself waiting to hit on almost every hole, and I'm talking about weekdays! If it is the weekend, you might as well pencil in a full day of golf. Every Tom, Dick and Harry Hacker comes out to Diamond Ridge.

Besides slow play, there are only a few memorable holes on the course, the rest blend in together. For example, #9 and #18 essentially play as the same hole, a 500 yard dogleg left par 5. They even run parallel to one another, that way you get the full feeling that you have already played this hole.

Even though this is a hacker's course, the Par 3s are not designed for hackers. A 200 yard Par 3? And number 8, a 150 yard par 3 that goes uphill about 60 feet to a thin blind green with brush and woods behind it? Good luck having a hacker get a ball that high to stop before losing his ball because he couldn't see where it landed. The most interesting hole is #16, which is a short dogleg right that is a good birdie opportunity. You can either go for it and contend with the bunkers or lay up and leave yourself a wedge into the green.

The course plays tight and if you are wayward, you will either be in another hole's fairway or lost OB with the tree lined fairways that border the course. A hacker's paradise...but bring a ton of extra balls.

I find myself playing this course about once a season and that is enough for me. I will usually find myself paying the extra 10 dollars to enjoy a nice round on the Woodlands, the sister course on the same property.

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spring is a couple of months away and its time to think about your game. after a few visits to the driving range, i'll pick a less than challenging course to shake off the rust. diamond ridge is a fun place to do just that.

it has a course and slope rating of 71.5/125, (you should be able to hit your handi at the peak of your season). the course is flat so there isnt  a whole lot of adjustments to think about. just hit the ball the way you do on the mat and hope for the best.
there arent too many trouble areas except for 3 holes on the back nine that share a line of tall trees. but your ball should be findable because its not that dense. at worst, a wayward shot will be on an adjacent hole and par is still a reasonable hope.
the fun holes are;
  #4 risk reward short par 4
  #8 blind uphill par 3
  #11 3 shot par 5, its the only hard par 5
  #16 birdie temptation

for a $30 round, you dont mind hacking and experimenting before hookin up with your golf buddies for a battle of the wallets.

the reasons why i only play this course once a year
  1  the greens have always been bad and i dont expect that to change. its slow, and because of that, it doesnt break
  2  its crowded with beginners ($30-nuff said)
  3  which leads to slow play
  4  which leads to hot tempers
  5  which leads to shouting matches and threats with the rangers
and 6  its in a bad neighborhood with a fence as your only protection

hmm... maybe its not worth $30

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