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I would give less than a star for the stunt this club pulled Saturday night. I live on the perimeter of this golf course, and in celebration of their 100 year anniversary, they had the audacity to set off of a professional level firework show WITHOUT notifying any of the neighborhoods who were directly affected. Many lost and injured dogs and hundreds of terrified neighbors were the result of this act. Very self-indulgent, and just not right. Apparently this had been planned for 2 years, but they never found time to let  notify people. No one expects fireworks in their back yard in September, not to mention in the middle of a drought. Who ever planned this event should be fired.

This club is directly responsible for all the lost and injured pets (and there are several since no one was expecting this ridiculous 20 minute fireworks show).

I have also been to events at this club, and frankly, it is nothing special.  They made it to 100 years, big deal!

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I cannot believe Diablo Country Club permitted a fire works show this evening. We are in the midst of the biggest drought in California history. Did they actually have a permit? Unbelievable. The club is located in a dry, hilly, wooded area at the foot of Mt Diablo state park, surrounded by homes. What were you thinking?
Shame on you.

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The facilities are really nice! Bathrooms are always clean, even the ones near the pool. Snack shack has good meals. The only downside is the parking when they are having swim meets. It's awful. So minus one star for that

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Musical Heart Strings perfomed for a wedding at Diablo Country Club last Sunday 7/13/14. We play for an average of 50 to 60 weddings a year. We loved playing at this venue. It is gorgeous and classy.

What impressed us most was the staff. The wedding coordinator, Susan Cottone, was extremely professional. She was calm, cool, collected and in control. Her communication with us was outstanding.

There are times we arrive at a venue and the coordinator is all over the place. Many times they seem too busy to go over the last minute details of ceremony music with us. We have to carefully say "When you get a moment, can we solidify the ceremony music?"

Mind you, we know what we are playing for the ceremony prior to arriving at the venue, but ALWAYS check with the coordinator the day of to make sure we are all on the same page.. Susan was great about going through the details of the ceremony, and keeping us apprised of  last minute changes. She was courteous to everyone. When the coordinator is in control and calm, it sets the mood for everyone else. She gets an A+ in our book!

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I happenend to be here for a wedding and had decided that the minute I get back home this place deserves a good review on yelp. If you are planning a wedding or engagement or an event with a big guest list then this is just the perfect venue. Well the expenses are on the higher side but definitely worth every penny spent. The venue is fantastic in terms of the lay out and décor. The staff is good, helpful and well behaved in every way. The spread is usually huge and has a wide variety which is one of the highlights of any event.

I have not ventured much into the golfing side of this place except for once when I accompanied my friends. It's quite a well maintained and green courseas expected when you pay a good price for the place. I could not understand much of the technical aspects but my friends were quite happy the way they played.It's definitely one of the high end places.

This place also carries out a number of charity events for people in need like orphanages and kids whose parents are unemployed or penniless.

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