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We attended an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception here.  The venue is a classic and older one - vintage 1899.   The wedding itself, under cover of trees, and in view of the golf course, was beautiful.  The back of the clubhouse was also comfortable and picturesque for after dinner mingling and photos.  I like these older places and the architecture, but the ventilation could have possibly been better to mask some of the mustiness that naturally comes with age of the place.  The reception meal was buffet style - excellent quality on roast beef and made -to-order pasta dishes, but as one might expect, on the slow side for pastas.  They might not be staffed here for a sit-down style serving of 300 people.  Overall, a nice historical venue in the Motor City.

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I'm a huge fan of the Detroit Golf Club.  I'm not a member here, but my Dad has belonged for several years.

The golf course is very nice: well maintained, well run, challenging, etc.  There is a nice driving range, chipping and putting greens.  

They have a nice club house with all the expected gear.

There are several places to eat here: the club grill upstairs next to the locker room, the main grill, the dining room, and on the course.  The food is very good (not incredible, but always a solid meal).

We had our wedding reception here as well.  It is reasonably priced and the staff does an incredible job.  Everything was seamless and headache-free.  The staff here goes out of there way to know all of the members by name.  From the caddies to the wait staff, I have always been impressed by this.

It's not the most amazing golf course, but the Detroit Golf Club is a solid 4 star club with everything you want.  I should also mention that this club doesn't have the stuffy Caddyshack mentality of other clubs.  Most of the members (with a few exceptions of course) are down to earth and just enjoy the club for what it offers.  It's clearly not the same mentality as Oakland Hills for example, which is about as stuffy as you can get (although very nice and offering a more challenging course).  The DGC is diverse and offers a great course in northern Detroit.

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