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I have a soft spot for Dentonia because I learned to play here, but it still offers affordable par-3 golf within the city. It's located right at VP station, so you can ride to rocket almost right to the first tee. You might only need a couple clubs to play, but for a day in the sun, it's a lot of fun

Dentonia is great for beginners, kids and in my case, for introducing your fiancee to the game

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Dentonia is a challenging course only because it is partly a hiking trip. I was lugging around my pull cart UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN.... for every single hole...

They do NOT have cart rentals available, which is shocking - considering at how slopy this course was. The slopes are also what makes this par 3 course difficult. Your short game will really mess you up, or maybe it's just me.

I went in early October, and there were so many leaves on the green, putting was almost impossible. I brushed the leaves away from my putting line, and WHOOSH the wind will blow more over. (repeat for all 18 holes)

There is a vendor selling drinks on a golf cart that comes around once in awhile, I think they should hire someone to maintain the greens instead.

There were a few holes that we needed to tee off on this beaten up mat. I agree with everyone else - they need to have those replaced.

I don't think it's worth it to pay $27.00 per person to play on a poorly maintained course. I'm guessing that's the price they can charge for being 'in the city' and right beside Victoria Park TTC Station.

There are much better/well maintained golf courses outside the GTA that charge at a cheaper price. So, for those who own a vehicle, you're better off elsewhere!

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This affordable supper hilly city owned par 3 pitch'n putt course is located right outside the Victoria Park subway station.  

For seasoned golfers, it is a good opportunity to work on the short game and some putting (the worst part of my game).  The majority of the holes are under 120 yards with two holes over 150 (hole #6 @ 169 & #11 @185).  One of my plans is one day play a whole round here with just two clubs, my PW and a putter.  Even though it's very short, it's still quite challenging and there are a lot of elevated tees.  

The turf mats on a few holes are extremely annoying, but it is what it is.

If you're new to golf, Dentonia is pretty much the only place to start in the city.  There are much better and easier par 3 executive courses to start your first ever round of golf, but they're outside of the TTC range.

If you're new to golf, I recommend getting some lessons at Beach Fairway a block south, get on the driving range there, then head up here and see how you do.  Probably not all in the same day though.

It's $25 regularly, and $19 during twilight hours, which makes this the most affordable place to golf in the city limits.

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There are only a few courses accessible to downtown Torontonians who lack a car, and Dentonia is a decent choice. The location is great, from yonge/king it only took about a half hour on the subway to get to the Victoria Park subway stop and the course is literally just outside the station.

With that said, Dentonia is a pretty short course. Each hole is around 100 yards and all are par 3. However, the course isn't boring - the course is quite 'hilly' and over all it's pretty fun to play.

During the day it was only $22 for 18 holes, and $10 for rentals - however, I've got to say these were the saddest rentals I've every played with. Only 5 clubs (including a putter), but to be fair if you are a decent player you could probably play the entire course with only a pitching wedge and a putter!

As mentioned in the other review, the astroturf mats are a pain. If they got rid of those and had the drink cart do a few more rounds (only came around once) I would be a fan.

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Dentonia is a challenging par 3 course nestle in the midst of East York and right next to Vic Park subway. Its a great course for beginners and allows seasoned golfers practice their short game.

The course is generally in good condition, although a few holes currently have Astroturf tee mats. And the price is right - no more than $25 a round (weekday and twilight rates are even cheaper).

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