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We had our baby shower at Del Rio and had a great experience. Mario and the kitchen crew were great and the food was delicious. We did a luncheon and chose chicken salad croissant sandwiches, green salad, pasta salad, and fresh fruit. Tri-tip sandwiches were also a luncheon option they suggested, but in the end we chose cold sandwiches instead of hot. The sandwiches were delicious and nicely presented. The stand out for me was the fresh fruit; a good mix of pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, watermelon, two kinds of grapes, and honeydew melon. Mario was a star helping us during set up and keeping everything going through the meal, refilling ice, getting utensils to cut and serve cake, and helping out with the clean up.

There were no other events the night before, so they let us come in until they closed on Thursday to decorate. Since they open extra early for golfers in the summer, we were able to finish up decorating the morning of, and because there were no other events that night, they didn't rush us to finish up and clean up when gift opening took longer than expected.

The only issue is the air conditioning, so be warned. We are having a summer baby, so we really weren't going to have a "coolest" time to do the shower, but this weekend was the hottest so far this year. The air conditioning was only working on one side of the room, and the roof is an open beam construction, which looks great, but has little to no insulation. I wouldn't recommend an event here in the summer, but it was bearable.

Their fee was very affordable and didn't include any room charge for the luncheon, since their staff was already there for golfers. The Stockman's club would have been twice the cost because they require a fee to staff the club first, in addition to paying for the food, tax, and tip.

They have white christmas lights strung around the beams, which adds a nice touch to your decorations, and they let us hang balloons anywhere we wanted and provided all the various table sizes and quantities we wanted for the displays and activities we had planned, along with the linens.

In all, it was a nice venue, with a very helpful and friendly staff. Bob, the manager, was super helpful through the whole arrangement and took good care of us!

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Del Rio Country Club Review

I've played this course over 50 times. I play whenever I visit my parents. It is without a doubt the best course in the Imperial Valley. Though not mind blowing in any capacity, it's fun, challenging, and the greens are almost always in very good shape. The fairways get a bit dry in the winter season, but it's not terribly disruptive. All in all, this course is fun and a good challenge for mid-to-high handicaps.

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