Deer Track Golf Club

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Awesome golf course, great prices and solid restaurant. Dragon Ranch must have new management because it has really turned a corner this year. I grew up in the area and stop by once or twice a year when visiting family. This place used to be a complete cow pasture with an outhouse for a club house. Not anymore. Over the past few years they've remodeled the club house and gradually built some character into the course layout, but this year they seem to have tied it all together into a well run golf operation, soup to nuts. The course is in phenomenal shape this summer - fairways still green and soft through mid July, greens rolling nicely and virtually ball mark free, and they've put in some tall fescue for ambiance and an added challenge to the already tight layout. The restaurant is also pretty outstanding for a golf course in the middle of farm country. We had breakfast and post-golf lunch there and both were outstanding - breakfast burrito for about $5, all fresh ingredients, crispy hash browns inside, great way to start a round; and the PRIME RIB SANDWICH!!! wow, that thing was amazing, so juicy, topped with swiss, shrooms and onions, toasted bun. Not something I would normally think to order at a golf course but the waitress recommended it and she knew what she was talking about. Top it all off with a few beers on the patio and a putting competition after our round and the group left feeling like we spent the day at a country club. Oh, and it was ridiculously cheap too - golf, food, countless beers on and off the course, everything was well under what I was expecting to pay. So glad to see this course and restaurant in such great shape and will be back soon!

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This place is now called Dragon Ranch and is a restaurant and golf course. I will review both briefly...

Restaurant- menu is same as mutt and jeffs with bar food and specials they try to fancy up but it is just kids cooking in the back while smoking dope. The prices are way too expensive ($7.49 for 12 wings! $8.99 for quesadilla!) PASS

Golf course- They want this to be a coutnry club atmosphere, but they forgot one things... country clubs have grass in the fairways. By August every year, if not earlier, this course is so beat up that it is reminsicent of playing on a concrete parking lot in the dessert. The course is rather easy and has a lot of water, but the greens vary so much from hole to hole and day to day, you don't know what you are going to get. And the kicker... just got word that the cost for 9 holes and cart during week is $20... for this course, that is highway robbery. PASS

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