Deer Creek Golf Club At Meadow Ranch

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What a disappointment. I very rarily speak negative about a golf course as they are, for the most part, enjoyable places with nice scenery and each is unique in some way.

However, Deer Creek is one that I will NOT return to. First of all, it is difficult to find. I spent about 30 minutes near it, but unable to find it. When I did, I parked in the parking lot and went into the Pro Shop to check in.  I used an electric cart for this round (something I rarily do). I received a key and went out the door to look for the carts. There were none in the back of the clubhouse. I went back in and asked (something I usually do even though guys are suppose to instinctively know where things are). I was told they were around front. So, I had to walk completely around the back of the clubhouse, through the service area to get to the carts, carrying my bag all the way.

Once I was loaded on the cart I tried to find the path to the first tee. I followed one path and it lead to the driving range, another lead round the building, another to the parking lot.  No signs, no arrows anywhere. Finally, I again, asked someone and was told to go around over there, take a right, then down the path and then take another right. All this I did and finally got to the first tee. I could only imagine that there were several foursomes wandering around trying to find the first tee, maybe they send out a patrol to find them several times a day.

The front nine is boring, nothing to see but buildings under construction, nothing to hear except the roadway on the right side. The cart path wound around and cut back in places that made it hard to follow and three or four times as you rounded a corner you found yourself right in front of the tee box where other golfers were hitting their shots.  Lucky no one has been killed or seriously wounded on this couse. The holes are uninteresting and there is not much that can be done as the piece of property they are on is pretty "junky"

The back nine is a bit more interesting as it runs through a housing development. The houses (large single family and multiple family dwellings) are nice to look at but personally I like to see open space around the golf course.  Some of the houses are so close that the cart path is almost in their backyard. The holes are a bit more interesting but not much.  Native grasses and marsh land are nice in some areas but the predominent landscape is man made, 2 to 3 stories in height.  

Oh, the whole area also smelled funny, like some kind of crop or a bunch of something in bloom.  Not pleasant but not like a manure pile either....tolerable is a reasonable term.

I finished 18 holes of golf in a few minutes over 3 hours, got in my SUV and was out of their.

Others may think differently about this course, but in my opinion it resides in the low end of the rankings for places I have played.

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